What is LHF Mode and SHF Mode in Indian Railways Locomotives?

Written by Akash Navi

Do you want to know what is LHF Mode and What is SHF mode in Indian Railways? Then you have landed on the right website here.

Indian Railways is one of the biggest organization in the whole world. There are millions of people who are working for Indian Railways.

Many people love to travel in Indian Railways. Some of us even love to see the trains moving and that is the reason why we like to opt for trains while we are traveling somewhere.

You may not be able to believe but there are millions and millions of people who love to know about the Indian Railways and watch the trains moving.

On YouTube, there are thousands of videos of Indian Railways and most of the videos have thousands of views too. Which means there are many railfans in our country.

Today in this article of mine, I will tell you about LHF mode and SHF mode of Indian Railways locomotives. You may have heard this words somewhere on YouTube, or any other place.

But do you know what LHF mode and SHF mode in Indian locomotives are?

If you don’t know about them then there is no need to worry. Because I will tell you what these words mean.

What is LHF and SHF Mode in Indian Railways Locomotives?

So now let us get started and check out what is LHF mode and SHF mode in Indian Railways Locomotives. And what it can be if you hear LHF and SHF.

What is LHF Mode?

LHF mode is nothing but the acronym for Long Hood Front. This term is used when the Locomotive has only one cab.

These days we have locomotives which are serving Indian Railways which have 2 driver cabs.

This term is not applied if the locomotive has 2 driver cabs.

So the long hood front mode is nothing but it is said to be LHF mode. If the locomotive’s long hood is facing front and the driver cab is behind the long hood.

Sounds confusing right? Check out the picture embedded below.

What is LHF and SHF Mode in Indian Railways Locomotives?

LHF Mode of Locomotive

The long part of the WDP4 locomotive is at the front side and the driver can is behind the long hood. (part) This is nothing but LHF Mode or long hood front mode.

What is SHF Mode?

We have already learned about the LHF mode. But what about SHF Mode? What is that? This thing is not much different from LHF.

When any locomotive’s long part is behind the driver cab while moving front is called as SHF mode or Short Hood Front Mode.

SHF Mode of Locomotive

SHF Mode of Locomotive

You can see the picture above the WDP4 number 20054 from the KJM Diesel shed is pulling the train. And the long part of the locomotive is behind the driver cab. This is nothing but the SHF Mode of Short Hood Front Mode.

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I hope you are clear about the what is LHF Mode and what is SHF mode in Indian Railways locomotives. If you have any kind of doubts about what is LHF and SHF Mode in Indian Railways Locomotives. Then you can comment below.

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