Top 4 Zbigz Alternatives For Torrent Downloads

Hey there hi and welcome to my blog, are you a downloader like me and love to download things online via torrent? then you know well about Zbigz right? They help great for those people who want to download torrent files with their browsers or IDM mainly but the problem with Zbigz is they throttle your download speed to 150 KBPS if you are using a free Zbigz account and that’s not fair. If they do so we don’t get the download speed which our ISP is providing to us and the download takes lots of time which we don’t have. Not only the download speed is the problem with Zbigz there are some other problems as well.

The other problem which I faced while using Zbigz was their servers go down often and if the server goes down then no downloads can be done and it’s just a waste of time waiting for their servers to work again because they take lots of time to get back to work again. But you no need to worry anymore because in this article I will be showing you the Top 3 Zbigz Alternatives and with these Alternatives, you can enjoy seamless downloads without any of the problems to be faced and all these Alternatives which I will be showing in this article are tested by me and are working fine. So they will work fine for you also.

How to use these Alternatives?

So you just need to create an account at their website and verify your account and you will get a place where you need to paste a magnet link or you need to upload the .torrent file which you will be getting at the torrent website or software as soon as you upload the file or paste the link. After few minutes they will cache the file for you and you will get a direct download link for your torrent file and you can download them directly from your browser or you can try out using IDM for more fast and efficient downloads.

Top 4 Zbigz Alternatives for 2020.

Zbigz AlternativesSo here is the list of Top Zbigz Alternatives for you which you can use this year. And now its time for me to show you the Top Zbigz Alternatives so that you can get back to download something very cool form the internet using these Zbigz Alternatives. So read on…

Zbigz Alternatives 1: LogoThis is the best alternative to Zbigz, Bitport has some amazing features and the speeds are a lot higher then Zbigz. We get cloud storage as well, I tried Bitport and downloaded one of the torrent files whose size was 1.10 GB and the file was downloaded to my cloud storage within 1.5 Minutes which is mind-blowing. And I am sure that you will not get this speed with Zbigz, I have published Review on my website you can read that with this link.

You can use with this link.

Zbigz Alternatives 2:

Zbigz Alternatives

So the first Zbigz Alternatives for you is it’s a new name in this industry but its the best one according to me, but there is a drawback as well in using With you can download the torrent files which are of more than 6GB! and that’s the point which I loved about it. The procedure you need to follow to download the torrent files with is you need to register there for an account and verify your account. Then to download any of the torrent files just paste the magnet link or upload the .torrent file which you have got in your computer and will cache that file for you. As I ha said that this one has a drawback and that is you can download only one file in free account 😥  but still an awesome one as it allows you to download 6GB file.

Zbigz Alternatives 3:

Zbigz Alternatives

As also is a new site in this category and is a great alternative to Zbigz as they offer great download speeds for you. FileStream is giving all the users a 10 GB of lifetime torrent cache. And the download speed that I got with this was about 2 MBPS and that pretty good because we are getting that with a free account. But the problem with this is sometimes my download speed dropped for 200 to 250 KBPS. Other than that its simply great Zbigz Alternatives. You can download unlimited torrents by creating multiple accounts on that site.

Zbigz Alternatives 4:

Zbigz Alternatives

We can say that this one is one of the best Zbigz Alternatives and better than the two which are listed above also, you need to buy a premium account if you want seamless free downloads. But they are offering us a chance to get 14 days of free premium membership what you need to do is refer people to use for that you need to create an account at their website and you will get a referral link and if 50 people use then you will get 14 days premium membership. With a Premium membership, you will 100 GB bandwidth.


So what are you waiting for? go for the alternative which you feel better and start your downloads! If you have any problem regarding this you can comment below I will respond to you as soon as possible. If you liked the article I hope you do like and if so then please share this with your friends as well and stay tuned for more stuff like this.

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