How to Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m?

Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m Hey there hi!! Do you use Lenovo Vibe P1m phone and not a proud owner of your phone because of its slow working speed don’t worry dear you will be a proud owner of your phone in next 20 minutes after reading my article on speed up Lenovo Vibe P1m you will be surely.

I personally love Lenovo Vibe P1m and I don’t think they are bad but people talk about Lenovo Vibe P1m that they are bad built phones and the reason they give for that is they get hanged and work slow, my answer for them is those guys don’t know how to maintain phone and due to bad maintenance of Lenovo Vibe P1m they become slow and get hanged and I agree with this. “Bad maintenance will damage anything in this world” guys so let us maintain them neatly. Let me start my speeding up guide [Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m] and not waste your valuable time.

How to Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m?


So lets get started with this guide and check out how you can speed up your Lenovo Smartphone, I have mentioned some of the tricks and tips here. I hope you will like this article and the tips mentioned will be helpful to you.

Factory Reset your Lenovo Vibe P1m.

As we are going to speed up Lenovo Vibe P1m we should first consider the basic way to speed up our smartphone right? If your smartphone is running too slow then I will prefer you to factory reset your smartphone before going to perform next steps.

After factory reset of your smartphone you will gain some speed and after performing all the below steps you will surely gain full speed of your smartphone and to do so you should read my full article “Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m”

Disable special effects.

Special effects available in Lenovo Vibe P1m as really awesome but they consume more C.P.U as well as R.A.M of your device and because they are on some amount of your phones resources will be allotted for them by default you can get back those resources by disabling the special effects on your Lenovo Vibe P1m and to do so follow my steps:

Go to settings and then scroll down you can find ‘Developers Options’ there tap on that and you can find that the developer options option is turned off by default turn it on and the again scroll down and you can find the group of option headed with ‘Drawing’ and in that set of options you can find ‘Windows animation scale’, Transition animation scale and at the end ‘Animator duration scale’ Now tap on them and turn them off.

Disable Preinstalled Apps which you don’t use.

You can gain even more run for performance of your Lenovo Vibe P1m by disabling the preinstalled apps which come pre installed with your smartphone with it’s android package but still you can gain the resources which are been used by the preinstalled apps in your smartphone.

Uninstall the app you don’t use.

Uninstall the app you don’t use on your Lenovo Vibe P1m, these app which you don’t use also consume your system resources and run in background so you should uninstall them all.

I can explain how these apps use your resources even when they are not being used by you for example I have installed ‘Snapdeal’ app which I don’t use it will be always run in background and check its server for the notifications about new offers and as soon as there is any update in it’s server it will notify me here is the point it automatically notifies me I have not opened that app this is how they work in background and eat up your resources you can uninstall your apps by going here, Settings > Application Manager > Downloaded.

As soon as you uninstall your unused apps restart your phone once you will see that you have speed up SLenovo Vibe P1m no matter which android phone you use this method works.

Read on to “Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m” there are still many steps to be followed to complete this…

Disable S Voice feature.

You can carryout this step only if you don’t use S Voice feature on your Galaxy smartphone and if you love to use this app you can skip this step.

And if you don’t use this feature let me tell you S Voice also uses lot of system resources without informing you, and if you wish to disable this feature go to Settings > Application manager > All find the S Voice from the list tap on that and tap on disable.

Clear cache of your apps.

You can speed up Lenovo Vibe P1m by clearing the cache of your apps, let me explain how you can speed up your smartphone when you use any of the apps on your phone they build some cache and save them into a folder this works just like your phones log. You can gain more resources by clearing cache of your apps and to do so you can use this app on your smartphone ‘App Cache Cleaner’ which will help you to clear cache of your apps, this app gives you freedom to choose the apps which you want to clear the cache.

Note: By clearing the cache of any social networking app you may lose your login data and in games you may lose your game progress and coins for which you have paid real money be careful while you use this app but it will Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m.

Limit the background processes.

You can gain even more resources on your Lenovo Vibe P1m by limiting your background process and to do so go to settings > Developer Options > Limit background process tap on that and select at most 2 processes.

When you select at most 2 processes, the android system will allow only 2 apps at most to run in background.

Disable Auto Sync.

You can also speed up Lenovo Vibe P1m by disabling auto sync from all of your account, also auto sync consumes your smartphones resources to sync your data, and to do so go to Settings > Accounts click on all those and disable sync of all the accounts and services.

Disable Background data usage.

You can get your smartphones speed boosted by disabling the background data usage for you apps, when a app is allowed to use data in background it will automatically start running in background as soon as you connect to a Wi-Fi network or turn your mobile data on so disable the app to use data in background and to do so go to Settings > Data usage here you will find the list of apps which use data in background without your permission so tap on the app which you want to restrict to use data without your permission and tap on ‘Restrict background data usage’.

Install a light weight launcher.

You can save much of your system resources by changing your launcher that is changing your launcher form default one to some different launcher there are so many launcher in Google Play Store available for free choose one on those which consumes less system resources and if you want a suggestion on low resource consuming launcher then I would prefer you to use Lightning Launcher Which is really fast and consumes less resources and another is Nova launcher which is also a good choice and when you change your launcher i am sure it will Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m.

Install a good antivirus app.

Virus play the most important role in decreasing your Lenovo Vibe P1m speed they replicate them self in the devices R.A.M and your phones speed will decrease and your phone starts hanging, restarting etc. So it’s better for you to get it installed and I can say installing a antivirus app for your phone is on of the best method to Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m.

Install a maintenance app.

Get a app installed which will help you to maintain your smartphone by regular and automatic schedule this will really help you to maintain your speed of your galaxy smartphone I would like to suggest you Clean Master get this installed and this will maintain your phones speed and help you to speed up Lenovo Vibe P1m.

Keep software up to date.

Always check that your Lenovo Vibe P1m is running on the latest version of software because in each of the new Software update them make it even faster, stable and perfect so I would like to prefer you to update to the latest one and after updating it will speed up Lenovo Vibe P1m.

Remove system apps.

You can speed up Lenovo Vibe P1m at a greater point by removing system apps and when it comes to remove system apps you may have a big list of system apps to be removed from your phone right? But to do so you need to root your Lenovo Vibe P1m and after rooting your smartphone install System app remover from Google Play Store and by using system app remover remove those system apps you want to remove.

Remove unused widgets from your home screen.

Even the widgets you have on your home screen also they consume system resources so you should remove those from your home screen right? Most of us know how to deal with widgets and if you don’t know then tap hold them for 4 seconds and you will see a delete option there just slide your widget up.


So this was my guide for you to Speed Up Lenovo Vibe P1m hope I helped you… share your experience with me comment below.

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