Slow Internet Speeds: Reason for Slow Mobile Internet

Hey there hi and welcome to my website and I am Akash Navi here, these days I am actually talking about the December Month of 2016. This year is about to end now only 15 days are left we all know that, but the one thing you may have noticed these days is the slow mobile internet. If you are using Airtel Internet, Idea Internet, Vodafone Internet etc. you may have felt that your internet speed is decreased. Let me tell you that yes your internet speed is decreased these days in India. In this article of mine, I will tell you the exact reason why we are getting low mobile internet speeds in India.

Have you heard about the cyclone which recently causing difficulties in Chennai? If you haven’t heard about the Cyclone Vardah then you can read more about this cyclone by following this link to read about cyclone Vardah. You may be thing why Akash is telling me about cyclone Vardah when he has mentioned about the slow mobile internet in the title of the article right? There is a connection between slow mobile internet issues and Cyclone Vardah my friend. 🙂

How is Cyclone Vardah Causing Slow Mobile Internet Issues?

Cyclone Vradha Causing Slow Mobile Internet

Now you know that Cyclone Vardah is the cause of the slow mobile internet issues you are facing from past few days. Let me tell you how this cyclone is affecting your internet speed and why it is affecting.

This cyclone has hit the south-east coast of India i.e. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, this has affected a lot in Chennai. And let me tell you one thing that Chennai play a major role when it comes to internet connectivity in our country.

Undersea cables are used to connect us to the internet and many undersea cables which help us Indians to get connected with internet come and land at Chennai.

These undersea cables are damaged by this cyclone Vardah which is the major cause of the slow mobile internet in India. As these undersea cables are damaged many telecom companies and internet service providers have sent a message telling their customers that they may face slow mobile internet issues.

Vodafone India gave a statement to their customers which you can find below.

“We are experiencing challenges in fibre media backbone in Chennai due to this phenomenon and as a result internet traffic moving via Trans-Pacific Route may get impacted. This may result in intermittent degradation of services on our Internet Links.”

Not only Vodafone but also Bharti Airtel gave a statement to their customers, I have mentioned it below.

“Dear Customer, the cyclone in Chennai has impacted one of our undersea network cables which may affect your internet speeds. We deeply regret the inconvenience. Our engineers are working to resolve the issue and services will be normalised shortly.”

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So this is why you are facing Slow internet speeds in India, there is nothing much to worry telecom companies will fix these issues soon. But we customers should understand that these undersea cables help us to transmit a large amount of international data, so we have to adjust ourselves to this till the companies get this issue fixed.