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Written by Akash Navi was released in March by Steve Howse and it went viral very soon. Many YouTubers such as PewDiePie, however Galladon, SSSnipewolf, MasterOV and many others published various videos and gameplay of And the result was 10 million downloads in Google Play Store in just 2 months. is basically a snake game where you need to eat to grow bigger and grab a place in Lea, however, ll the snakes in the game should die at some point. New Update for Android and iOS has released a new update for Android and iPhone which is the most expected feature in Yes, They have introduced Single Player mode where you can play without Internet Connection with AI (Artificial Intelligence). As you all know Lag issue made many users unpleasant with the gameplay and surely this may hear by the team so they are trying all the possible ways to minimize the lag problem from there side.

So, What’s new in this update? Well, Here we are going to list the new features that are released on the recent update.

Just go to play store and update the app. As soon as you open you will see a new option that is “Play Against AI” (Single Player Mode) where all other snakes are controlled automatically by bots aka scripts and that means now you can play without an Internet Connection and it assures faster gameplay without any lags. If you are facing lags in then you can give a shot to AI mode or follow the guide here to fix to lag issue.

Joystick Mode -

And AI feature is really helpful for new beginners without having many skills in As you now already you are not going to play with humans directly in AI mode whereas in normal mode people are pretty smart enough and intelligent which is one con’s in AI feature. And you can also see a leaderboard on AI feature though you aren’t competing against real players and the names of other snakes are taken from normal player users.

Another new feature in this update is they have introduced another control that is Joystick. Now you have three modes to control they are:-

Arrow Mode -

Arrow Mode, Well basically you can control the snake with arrow navigation and point it where you want it to move.

Classic Mode, It’s a simple mode where you should touch on screen where you want the snake to move and you should double tap hold to speed your snake.

Classic Mode

Joystick Mode, Here you will get analog where you can move your snake in various directions and to speed you snake you need to use the right corner option.

We can expect a lot of new features and skins very soon as the game is now viral and growing, Team will come up with many new features. And the improvement of gameplay.


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