PriceRaja.Com’s Phone Finder Review: Best Phone Finder

Smartphones or phones I can say we all have one with us these days, in fact we have adopted smartphone into our modern lifestyle in such a way that we can’t live without our phones.  🙂 But before we buy any phone for us we always check online and ask Google for the best phone under our budget or like best phones with the features which you wish to have in your smartphone which you are planning to buy. It’s normal because we don’t buy phones often so we need our phone to be the best which we can buy, I mean the best one under the budget.

Even when we search on Google for the best smartphones, we get many different suggestions, and finally when we find a good smartphone for us. We open all the famous online shopping websites of India and check who is offering that smartphone for the best price. This is the procedure which we normally follow when we are planning to buy a new smartphone for us.

But what if I tell you that I have found an awesome Phone finder which will help you do everything I have mentioned in the above. Sounds interesting right? Yes it does  🙂 I heard about PriceRaja.Com from my friend recently, he mailed me about this website recently. PriceRaja.Com is an online website which will help you to find the price of the smartphones and accesories which are available on leading online shopping websites like Flipkart and Snapdeal etc.

And while I was having a look at PriceRaja.Com I saw an option at the upper menu and it was termed as “Phone Finder” which was saying “Find your dream phone in 20 secs.” So I opened the PriceRaja.Com’s Phone Finder Tool and found it very helpful, this tool is what I will be reviewing this article of mine.

PriceRaja.Com’s Phone Finder How Can You Use this Tool?


So now it’s time for me to show you the working of this awesome phone finder tool of PriceRaja.Com and tell you the procedure by which you can use it.

To use Phone finder tool the first thing you have to do is opening PriceRaja.Com you can use the link provided here to open their website. This link will take you to PriceRaja.Com is new tab of your web browser. And click on the Phone finder button which you can find just beside the search bar.


If you are facing any kind of difficulties then you can follow this link to Phone Finder Tool, once you open the tool you will be asked few questions about what features you want to have in your smartphone. Answer them all and you are done with it, all the smartphones which have the features which you have selected and come under your budget will be displayed to you.

Let me show you how this Phone Finder works, my budget it Rs. 25000 for my new smartphone so I will select that first and then click on Next. If you don’t worry about your budget then tick “Price Doesn’t matter”


When you click on Next after selecting your budget now you will be asked which features you definitely want to have in your smartphone. Like Front Camera, Finger Print Scanner, Dual SIM, 4G etc. select the feature which you want and click on Next.


After that now some more questions will be asked to you, this is just to display more accurate smartphones to you. Answer those questions and click on Next.


All the best mobile recommended for you will be displayed in front you which are available for the best prices. When you select the smartphone and click on Buy you will be taken to online shopping website.


You can find the online shopping website’s name as well, I have shown it above in the image embedded.

My opinion about PriceRaja.Com’s Phone Finder Tool:

  • If you are searching for new smartphone online then I strongly suggest you to use this tool. Because you will find the best smartphone under your budget.
  • If you want to checkout smartphones based on the features then this is the best tool you can get online.
  • The smartphone suggestions on Phone Finder tool are from all the major online shopping websites like Amazon India, Snapdeal and Flipkart etc.

What do you think about this tool? share your opinion with me by commenting below.  🙂

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