Onda V919 3G Air 9.7 Phone Tablet PC Review!

Hey there Hi and welcome here today I am going to show you an awesome! a product which I have found online today it’s a great one. You will get attracted to them when I will reveal to you the features which you will get in that device. You already know which product I am talking about its the “Onda V919 3G Air phone tablet PC, as you can see that in the title of the article above. I will tell you why I felt that this product is awesome and why I attracted to this product in this product review of mine. Before this also I have reviewed many of the products but I think this product which is from “Onda” is a worth product to review.

You may be thinking why I am so excited about this Onda product. You will get to know when I will tell you what all you will get in this product from Onda. So now its time for me to tell you more about this “Onda V919 3G Air 9.7” let me tell you. It’s a Phone and tablet PC by the Onda brand which has many features packed in it like, it has two operating systems running on it. Isn’t it great? it’s great to have two operating systems running on the same device just like we have dual boot in our computer. It contains Android 4.4 KitKat and Windows 8.1 in it so it will be too cool to use. Now let me review the product for you and tell you all the things which you will get in this feature-packed Phone and tablet PC by Onda.

Features of Onda V919 3G Air 9.7 Phone Tablet PC.

Now comes the part which is exciting because of the cool and awesome features which we get in this device. I will be telling you everything about the “Onda V919 3G Air 9.7 Phone, Tablet PC” in this article. So let start the main part of the article now.

Onda V919 3G Air

Basic information about Onda V919 3G Air 9.7.

Let me tell you the basic information about this product first.

Feature.Detail About It.
Brand. Onda.
Device Type. Phablet.
CPU used. Intel Z3736F.
GPU used.Intel HD Graphic (7th Generation).
CPU Core.Quad-Core each core of 2.16GHz.
External Card Support.Yes.
External Card Type.TF Card.
External Card Capacity. Up to 128 GB

Onda V919 3G Air


So these are some of the basic information which you need to know about “Onda V919 3G Air 9.7 Phone, Tablet PC”, now let me review each of the features of this device one by one.

Networks Supported.

Onda V919 3G Air

This Phone tablet PC from Onda Supports 2G network and also comes with inbuilt 3G network radio which is great because we don’t get that in most of the devices. And also supports Wi-Fi which is of “802.11b/g/n wireless internet” type. Comes with network types support of GSM and WCDMA. And at last, Bluetooth which is essential and it is also present in this Onda product.

Camera Features.

Onda V919 3G Air

This “Onda V919 3G Air 9.7 Phone, Tablet PC” comes with dual camera support in which we have a 5 MP Rear camera which is capable of taking high resolution and sharp images. It works awesome even in low light conditions. And we have a front-facing camera as well as it is a dual camera support device. The front camera is of 2 MP and it is really good to take selfies and for video chatting. We also get Video recording support with this Onda device.

Display and Screen features.

Onda V919 3G Air

It comes with an IPS screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, the size of the screen is 9.7 inches. The viewing angles of this device is very good, the screen is visible even when you are outside and direct sunlight is falling on the screen. The screen is a capacitive touch screen that supports 10 touches on it simultaneously.

Dimensions of the device.

Onda V919 3G Air


So this device form Onda comes with the dimensions as mentioned below.

Package size: 26.5 x 19.5 x 4.0 cm / 10.41 x 7.66 x 1.57 inches
Product weight: 0.496 kg
Package weight: 1.050 kg

Connectivity Features.

We get a SIM card slot, it is a single SIM device, as I have already mentioned in the part of the network that we get Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support in it and we get a 3.5 mm Audio jack which you can use to connect it to your speakers or headphones. It also has a TF card slot and a Micro USB slot.

Media Formats Supported.

Picture formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP.
Music formats: OGG, WAV, WMA, AAC, MP2.
Video formats: 3GP, MP4, WMV.
MS Office formats: Word, Excel, PPT.
E-book formats: TXT, PDF.
3D Games support: Yes.

Other Details About Device.

Feature. Details about it.
Battery Capacity. 7000mAh.
Battery / Run Time (up to). 7 hours of video playing time
G-sensor. Yes.
Skype Support. Yes.
Youtube Support. Yes.
Speaker Support. Yes.
MIC Support. Yes.
Additional Features.Calculator, Bluetooth, MP3, E-book, Gravity Sensing System, Calendar, Alarm, MP4, Wi-Fi
Languages Supported.German, Italian, English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian

Things you get in the package.

When you buy this awesome device “Onda V919 3G Air 9.7 Phone, Tablet PC” you will get the 1 quantity of Tablet PC, 1 Quantity of Charger, and 1 quantity of USB cable.

Where To buy this Device?

Onda V919 3G Air

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