Mobile Number Portability : Complete Guide

Mobile Number Portability: Hey there hi and welcome here to my blog (Akash Navi) , today i have an awesome and useful topic to talk with you guys on my blog and that is about Mobile Number Portability which is really a mind blowing option for the telecom users of India like us who want to keep there number for long and longer period. This feature will help us to change our telecom operator to any of the other telecom operator of India without changing our mobile number.

I will be explaining everything about Mobile Number Portability in this article of mine from start to end this will a complete guide for you to use MNP in India. But before that i will be sharing things with you like what actually MNP is? how it works? and all. Which are bit interesting about this. So let me start with it. First i will be telling you what actually Mobile Number Portability is. But before that i would like to tell you how you can check your own mobile number if you have forgotten any of your old mobile number which you don’t use often.

And if you are using MNP feature and if you have some amount of balance in it, and you use MNP and port your mobile number to other telecom operator of India the amount of balance which was there in your number in your earlier telecom operator will be lost so what you can do in order to save it is you can get that balance transferred to other mobile number of the same telecom operator. You can use the link to know how you can transfer your balance to other mobile number of the same telecom operator.

Before few months Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India (TRAI) approved one of the bill which is termed as National Mobile Number Portability which is an improved version of Mobile Number Portability earlier we were able to change our telecom operator in our telecom circle only* which means I am from Karnataka and earlier i was allowed to port my number to any of the telecom operator only in Karnataka and not in any other state or telecom circle but now with NMNP I am allowed to port to any of the telecom operator of any state or circle.

Mobile Number Portability

What is Mobile Number Portability?

Now let us move to the further part of this article and let us know more about Mobile Number Portability. MNP is a feature which will help the user to retain there mobile number even when they change there telecom operator. In India MNP was introduced on 20th January 2011. If you want to know more about MNP in detail you can read that on Wikipedia.

What are the conditions to use MNP?

There are some of the conditions applied to us when we try to port our mobile number to other telecom company like. You should have used your mobile number in that telecom company for at least period of 3 months or 90 days and i have not come across any of the other conditions and if you know any other than please comment below and help me improve this article. Now let me continue and tell you how you can use mobile number portability option in India.

Process of Mobile Number Portability.

There is some process in order to get your mobile number ported to other telecom operator in India and that is as follow.

  • You need to obtain your Universal Porting Code form your present telecom operator.
  • Get your documents ready to submit to the telecom operator you are wishing to port.
  • Submit your documents to the telecom operator by visiting their outlet (showroom).
  • Choose your plan and wait for it to process.

So what you can see above are the four simple steps you need to follow in the process of Mobile Number Portability, now I will be explaining you these four in detail.

How to obtain Universal Porting Code?

Mobile Number Portability

So this is the first step in the process of Mobile Number Portability in India, to obtain or get your UPC (universal porting code) you need to SMS some message to a number and read on to know what is that.

  • SMS “PORT<Your Mobile Number> to 1900. <> is for space.
  • Within 5 to 10 seconds you will get and SMS in which it will be said that “We have received your request please wait till it will be processed.
  • And after that SMS you will be getting another SMS in which your UPC will be mentioned.
  • This is how you can obtain your Universal Porting Code.

Make sure you don’t share your UPC with anyone other than telecom official otherwise they can steal your mobile number.

Documents Required for MNP.

The documents you need to submit to telecom operator are.

  • Your ID Proof.
  • Your Address Proof.
  • 1 Passport size photograph.

Submit your documents and UPC.

Now you have got your UPC and documents ready and now to continue the process of Mobile Number Portability you need to visit the nearest outlet of the telecom operator and submit your UPC along with your documents. He/She will need to fill out a form and buy a new SIM card of that telecom operator.

Choosing your plan and Processing time.

Now you have filled up the form and also bought a new SIM card now you need to choose a tariff plan for your mobile number. There are different plans for different circles and they keep changing time to time the telecom official will guide you about it.

After everything you need to wait for your old SIM card to stop working and your new SIM card to start working this process takes 7 days in maximum and 2 days in minimum so now wait for it.