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How to Link PAN Card With Bank Account?

by akash
How to Link PAN Card With Bank Account?

We have got a very good government infrastructure in our country which takes all kind of care of their citizens that is we people. Right from making sure we have got all the basic needs to issuing the documents to us. Everything is taken care of by our government.

I Agree we face issues sometimes with many things which are related to the government and its offices. But then we have to deal with it and we don’t have any other thing left at our side.

PAN Card is also an important document that is issued by the Income Tax Department of India. They give one to all the entities they may be an individual or a company.

Every entity which is liable to pay the tax or fiscal money to the Government of India has got it’s own PAN Card.

But the question here is what actually the PAN is and how it looks? The answer to this question is mentioned below.

Actually, PAN is an alphanumeric combination which will be different for each and every holder of this card. You can have a look at the sample of this card below.

Link PAN Card With Bank Account

PAN Card

In case the owner of the card loses it somewhere or gets any kind of damages then he or she may apply for the new card. They will get the new card but it will be having the same alphanumerical number which they had before.

Till now we have discussed few basic things about this card, now let’s get to the real part of this guide and check out how you can link PAN Card with Bank Account. These days every bank account holder gets a notification from their bank asking to link up the PAN number with their bank accounts.

Both the private and the public sectors banks are notifying their account holders to link it. The banks need the PAN details to carry out the financial transactions in your bank account and it has been made mandatory to link your permanent account number with your bank account number.

Methods to Link PAN Card With Bank Account

You can link the PAN Card with the bank account by following multiple methods. You can find all the methods mentioned in this guide and you can follow the one which you find easy for you.

  • By Visiting the Home Branch.
  • By Calling the Customer Care.
  • By Using the Internet Banking.

How Can You Link By Visiting the Home Branch?

The first method by following which you can link your PAN card with Bank account is by visiting the home branch. Here what I mean by the term home branch is the branch of the bank where you had opened your bank account and maintain it. Most of the times whenever you want to make any kind of changes to your bank account you are required to visit the home branch itself.

If you don’t know which is your home branch then you can find it very easily using your bank passbook. To make it more simple to understand I have inserted a copy of the first page of the bank passbook.

Bank Passbook

Bank Passbook

So now we are clear about the meaning of the home branch. Now let me tell you what you need to do after you visit your home branch of the bank.

  1. The first thing which you have to do is visit the home branch of your bank account.
  2. Once you are there ask for a PAN Card Updation KYC form.
  3. The bank officials will handover the KYC Form to you.
  4. Fill the KYC Form Completely and make sure you do your signature on it.
  5. Now along with a photocopy of your PAN Card on which you have signed submit it to the bank officials.

These are the 5 steps which you need to follow to link PAN card with bank account by visiting your home branch. While filling the KYC form make sure you fill all the details like your name, PAN Card number and other details correctly.

If you fill any information wrong in the KYC form, I recommend you to ask for a new form rather then striking out the wrong information on the form.

The photocopy or xerox copy of the PAN Card which you will be submitting should be clear enough and you need to self atest it by making your signature on it. 

And the most important thing is to make sure you carry the original copy of your PAN Card with you while you are visiting your home branch. Because the branch officials may ask you to show the original copy for verification purpose.

How Can You Link By Calling the Customer Care?

Customer Care of the Bank

Customer Care

The next method is by calling the customer care of the bank. You can find the number of your bank easily by checking out the bank passbook or your ATM cum Debit Card. Generally, the customer care number will be mentioned on those things.

This method is very easy you can do it from anywhere and anytime because the customer cares of most of the Indian banks operate whole day.

  1. The first thing which you need to do is call the customer care your bank.
  2. Listen to the IVR options very carefully and get your call connected to talk to the customer care executive.
  3. Once your call is connected tell the executive that you want to link your PAN Card with bank account.
  4. They will ask you few details for the ownership verification. Provide them those details.
  5. And finally, give them your PAN Card details and it will be linked with your bank account within 48 hours.

You should note that if you fail to give the correct information about your bank account then the customer care executive may reject your request to link the permanent account number. So you should make sure that you don’t do any kind of mistakes while providing the information.

And the other thing is you should use your registered mobile number to call the customer care of the bank in this case. If you call them with any other mobile number then you will find it difficult to get it linked up.

But you should understand the meaning of the term registered mobile number here. It is the mobile number which you have provided to the bank while you were in the process of opening the bank account with them.

Usually, you receive all the bank account related notifications via SMS to that particular registered mobile number only.

How Can You Link Using Internet Banking?

Internet banking is really a banking marvel with the help of which you can maintian your bank account at the comfort of your home or office. There is no need to visiting the bank’s branch for many of the things because we can get it done online.

But enjoy the internet banking service you need to activate the internet banking feature. If you have already activated it then it is good, but if you have not done it yet then I recommend you to get it activated as soon as possible to enjoy the banking at your fingertips.

Many people in our country are afraid of using internet banking service, they have a fear of getting scammed or hacked. If you are one among those people then let me tell you that your bank account is totally safe until you leak your username and password.

Even the banks keep on telling their account holders that they should never share their username, password and the PIN with anyone.

To link the PAN Card with Bank account using the internet banking feature you need to follow the steps which are mentioned below.

  1. Go to the official website of your bank, you can find it in the welcome kit which you the bank gave to you when you had opened the bank account with them.
  2. Enter your username and password and login to your account securely.
  3. Click on the Online Service Requests option in the internet banking portal.
  4. From there click on PAN Card Updation option.
  5. Enter your PAN Card details.
  6. And finally, click on the submit button.

Even this method is very easy just like the customer care method. But you should note few things before you use the internet banking option. I have already told you the most important thing that is you should never share your passwords with anyone.

That is not the only thing on which you should focus. You should make sure that you are using the legit website of your bank. There are a number of fake websites which try to steal the passwords. Such websites are called as Phishing websites.

You should have a strong and running anti-virus software on the computer or laptop which you are using and also the internet connection should be fast enough.

After using the internet banking feature always use the logout function to close the internet banking session.

These are the three major methods by following which you can link PAN Card with Bank account. Now let me give you some more details about the major banks in India.

State Bank of India

State Bank of India

State Bank of India or SBI allows you to link the PAN Card with by three methods and they are,

  • By visiting the home branch. (offline)
  • By Calling the Customer Care: 1800 425 3800
  • And By the means of Internet banking: https://www.onlinesbi.com/ (online)

You can use the above-mentioned customer care number and the internet banking portal link to carry out the linking procedure.

Canara Bank

Canara Bank

Even Canara Bank allows their account holders to link using three methods and they are,

  • By visiting the home branch. (offline)
  • By calling the customer care: 1800-425-0018
  • By Internet Banking: https://www.canarabank.in/ (online)



Methods which can be followed by the ICICI Bank Account Holder are,

  • By visiting the home branch. (offline)
  • By calling the customer care: 1800 200 3344
  • By Internet Banking: https://www.icicibank.com/ (online)

Union Bank of India

Union Bank of India

If you have your bank account with the Union Bank of India, then you can follow three methods to link your permanent account number with your bank account.

They remain the same as the other banks and they are using the KYC form, Customer care, and the internet banking facility. Further details are as mentioned below.

United Bank of India

United Bank of India

Details for the United Bank of India account holders are mentioned below.

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda

Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank

  • Visting the PNB Branch. (offline)
  • Customer Care Number: 1800 180 2222
  • Internet Banking: https://www.pnbindia.in/ (online)

Syndicate Bank

Syndicate Bank

Bank of Maharashtra

Bank of Maharashtra

  • Getting the KYC Form at the home branch. (offline)
  • Calling the Bank of Maharashtra Customer Care: 1800 233 4526
  • Internet Banking of BOM: https://www.mahaconnect.in/ (online)

Dena Bank

Dena Bank

Dena Bank customers can also follow the three above mentioned methods further details can be found below.

  • KYC Form which is available at the home branch of the Dena Bank.
  • Toll-free customer care of Dena Bank: 1800 233 6427.
  • Internet Banking of Dena Bank: https://www.denabank.com/ (online)

Indian Bank

Indian Bank

The people who have their bank account with the Indian Bank and want to link their permanent account number with the bank account can refer to the details mentioned below.

  • You can get the KYC form to update the PAN details from your home branch. (offline)
  • You can call the customer care of the bank for free at their toll-free number: 1800 4250 0000
  • And you can also use the internet banking feature to update the details with your bank account. You can enjoy the benefit of Indian Bank’s internet banking by visiting www.indianbank.in (online)


So this is how you can link PAN Card with the Bank account. I have shared all the information and the data which you should know about the PAN Card, Internet Banking and the KYC Form. I hope you are clear with all the details which have been mentioned in this guide. But in case you have any kind of doubts in your mind then you can comment down below.

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