Latest idea 3G Internet Packs And Offers.

Idea 3G internet Packs: Hey there hi and welcome to my blog are you searching on Google for terms like Idea 3G internet Packs and offers or maybe something like that and you need to know the latest Idea 3G internet Packs? then you have been landed on the right page because in this article of mine i have written the latest Idea 3G internet Packs in a optimised table below so that you can choose the right 3G internet pack for you. When it comes to the telecom category i love to write about it this is one my favorite category on my blog.

As telecom is one of the favorite category i have few more articles written over here about Idea as well. So let me show you the other articles which i have written about Idea over here. Do you how you can take talktime loan in Idea? if not then you should check that article because in that article i have show that how you can take talktime loan in idea cellular company SIM card. And the second one which i would recommend to you to read is about the APN settings which are very necessary for you after you choose Idea 3G internet Packs and activate on your number.

Idea 3G internet Packs

And one more thing i remembered as i wrote number in the above paragraph, do you know how you can know your own mobile number? if you don’t know then don’t worry because i have an article ready for that also. In that article i we are using USSD codes to check your own number if you have forgotten your number in any case. So this article was about “Latest Idea 3G internet Packs” right? so lets come back to the point and let me show you the latest Idea 3G internet Packs so that you can recharge and activate a Idea 3G internet Pack fast and enjoy your internet.

Idea 3G internet Packs / Plans / Offers.

Here you go all the latest Idea 3G internet Packs are listed below in the table choose the best 3G pack for you and enjoy your internet time high speed 3G. Before that let me tell you the last thing do you know which company offers fastest mobile internet in India? you should check that. Do you know you can also take 2G internet loan and talktime loan in Idea check this link to know how you do that.

Price of 3G pack  Data Given  Validity  USSD Code to activate
Rs.515 MB1*150*05#
Rs.830 MB1*150*08#
Rs.1550 MB5*150*15#
Rs.29120 MB3*150*29#
Rs.45180 MB5*150*45#
Rs.49200 MB7 Easy Recharge Only.
Rs.59300 MB7 Easy Recharge Only.
Rs.107250 MB21 Easy Recharge Only.
Rs.123400 MB21 Easy Recharge Only.
Rs.149500 MB21 Easy Recharge Only.
Rs.2951.25 GB30 Easy Recharge Only.

Conclusion about Idea 3G internet Packs.

So these were the Idea 3G internet Packs hope you selected the right pack for you. Please note that Idea 3G internet Packs change time to time so i request you to conform this from the company once before you recharge your account for more details check idea cellular official website.