How to take 2G Internet Loan in Idea?

Take 2G Internet Loan in Idea: Hey there hi and welcome to my blog are you searching online for terms like “how to take 2G internet loan in idea, how to take 2G data loan in idea or something like that? then you have been landed on the right web page because i am going to show you the method to take 2G internet loan in idea. Nowadays Telecom service providers in India are trying to give their customer more and more services with lower and affordable cost so that their customer should not port their number to other service provider with the help of MNP service.

Take 2G Internet Loan in Idea

Here is how to take 2G internet loan in an idea.

These kind of loans and only for you offers are available and being provided by all most all of the service providers from the time MNP was introduced to India in which we can change our service provider without changing our mobile number, and when it comes to telecom category i love to write about it. You can see lots of articles written on my blog in that category i try to cover almost all the topics of telecom category in my every article. And in my today’s article i am going to show you how to take internet loan in idea SIM or mobile number.

Let me tell you the data loan which we are going to take in idea is a “idea 2G internet loan” and not 3G data loan. There is no telecom company in India out there who provide 3G data loan right now [on 9th March 2015] but i think it will be next launch of service in India when 4G network will be available all over our country. 4G network is avilable in some huge cities like Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai etc.

Conditions to get 2G data loan in an idea.

While we take data loan in the idea there are certain terms and conditions which are applied to us. Let me tell you what they are:

  • If you want to enjoy this feature on your mobile number, then the first and foremost condition that is applied to the subscriber or customer is your number should be at least 3 months or 90 days old.
  • And the second condition is there should be no loan pending on your mobile number. Let me elaborate this for you, it means that you should not have taken any loan from Idea cellular before this which is not repaid. If you have repaid the previous loan then you are 100% eligible for this process.
  • As we all know mobile balance is more used in prepaid connections than in postpaid connections. So your idea mobile number should be a prepaid idea cellular number.
  • While you are taking loan from Idea cellular company your balance should be less than Rs. 2 if in case you have the balance more than Rs. 2 then they will not provide you with the loan.

So these are the terms and conditions if your idea mobile number violates any of these 4 you will not be able to use idea internet loan service. Now let us move further and check “how to take 2G internet loan in idea”

How to take 2G internet Loan in Idea.

get talktime loan on ideaSo here comes what you were searching on the internet and this is how to take 2G internet loan in an idea. Let me tell you to take 2G data loan we are using idea internet loan USSD code.

Idea internet loan USSD code: *666#

Procedure to take 2G data loan in an idea:

  • Open your phone’s dialer.
  • And dial *666# which is idea internet loan USSD code.
  • After dialing the USSD code just press the call button.
  • And you are done you will be provided with 2G internet loan of 30 MB with 2 days validity.
  • After two days you should pay idea cellular Rs.6.

Tip: Do you know you can also get talktime loan? check here.


So this is how to take 2G internet loan in the idea, hope i helped you to take it. The above provided data is collected from idea cellular official website. But this can be changed at any time by idea cellular without prior notice. Check telecom articles on my blog. Thanks for reading stay tuned.

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