How to share Internet On Idea

Hey there hi and welcome here today I am here with a very interesting article and that is about how you can share internet on Idea. It’s really a new thing and really a mind blowing! Service according to me. I mean really what an “Idea Sir Ji” an awesome service by idea cellular company.

share Internet On Idea

I was the T.V commercial ad of this service of idea and got an idea of writing about how to share internet on idea for my blog readers. And one more exciting thing when I had called to Idea customer care center I heard by their executive that Soon (As on 21st November 2015) Idea is going to launch 4G services in India. Isn’t it’s a great news?

Yes it is because soon all the leading Telecom service providers of India will start their 4G LTE service in India and when all the companies focus on 4G marketing there are two main advantages of us. The first one is India will be connecting to the rest of the world with a new high speed internet, and the second one is when 4G service is given stress on then the rates of 3G internet will come down, which will be great for us.

I think the second one will happen, let’s see it will be good if happens. But now let’s get to the point which is the method to share internet on Idea telecom. Read on to know how you can share internet on idea.

How to share internet on idea?

share Internet On Idea

So here is the answer for your question, when we share internet on idea we are charged some amount which will be deducted from our idea mobile balance. I will be telling you the amount you will be charged and how much the validity of internet will be.

If you want to share internet on idea then you need to dial a USSD code, let me tell you in detail.

  • First of all open dialer of your smartphone and dial *121*121# and press call button.
  • When you dial to that USSD code you will be seeing a USSD menu in which Share Data will the second option. Select the 2nd option and press call.
  • Follow the instructions you see on your smartphone’s screen to share internet on idea.

As I had told you that you will be charged some amount of balance when you share internet from your idea mobile number.

Charges for internet sharing.

  • When you share 250 MB of internet it will be valid for 15 days and you will be charged Rs.3.
  • When you share 150 MB of internet it will be valid for 7 days and you will be charged Rs.2.
  • And the last one is when you share 100 MB of your internet than you will be charged Rs.1 and will be valid for 3 days.


This new feature of Idea cellular is really a wonderful one. Hope I helped you to share internet on idea and if not please do comment below I will reply you as soon as possible and if you enjoyed reading my website please do share your experience with me. Stay tuned for more telecom stuff like this.