How To Request Balance In Vodafone

Request Balance In Vodafone: Hi there and welcome to my blog is your Vodafone number is on low balance? and you want to request balance from your friend? then you have been landed on the right webpage because in this article of mine i am going to tell you how to request balance in Vodafone. I love to write about telecom category, you can find many articles written by me on that category but i would like to link some of the important articles with this one. Which you can find useful for you.

request balance in Vodafone

Here is how you can request balance in Vodafone

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What you read in the above paragraph were some of the other articles in telecom category on my blog. Now lets get back to the point in this article i will show you how to request balance in Vodafone or i can say how to request balance from one of your friend who also uses Vodafone prepaid connection. When you request balance in Vodafone there are certain rules applied on you, let me list the conditions.

Conditions to request balance in Vodafone:

  • Also your friend or the person whom you are requesting balance must be using Vodafone as his or her network operator.
  • The person whom you are requesting balance his or her Vodafone connection must be 3 months old.
  • Your Vodafone connection also must be 3 months old.
  • You and the person whom you are requesting balance must have minimum Rs.10 balance in his account.
  • Both of you should be on Vodafone prepaid connection.
  • You can only request Rs.5 to Rs.30 from you friend.

So these were the conditions which are applied to you when you request balance in Vodafone. One thing i want to show you is do you know how you can find out who is calling you? if you don’t then read this Find out who is calling you. Now let us move further.

How to request balance in Vodafone?

Request Balance in Vodafone

Method Of Requesting Balance

So this is what you are searching for on the web right? so let me not waste your precious time and show you how to request balance in Vodafone. The method of requesting balance in by USSD mode.

  • First of all open your phone’s dialer.
  • Now dial this USSD code *111*10# when you dial this code you will be taken to “Prepaid Low Balance Services” menu.
  • Now select “Balance Request” which is the send option given to you in the menu.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the amount you want to request from your friend, remember you can request only Rs.5 to Rs.30 from your friend.
  • After you enter the amount you will be asked your friends Vodafone mobile number.
  • After entering your friends Vodafone number you are done.

For more details regarding this head to Vodafone Official Site.

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My conclusion about requesting balance in Vodafone.

So this was how you can request balance from your friend in Vodafone through their “Low balance Services”, if you felt this article complicated then let me tell you the procedure in brief. Dial *111*10# now select “Request balance”, now enter any amount between Rs.5 to Rs.30 and enter your friends mobile number and you are done. Hope you enjoyed the article. Stay tuned for more stuff like this.