How to Register FIR online in Delhi?

Delhi Police FIR: India is one of the fastest-growing country in the world and with our country our defense on the border as well as in the country is growing with huge speed and this is we can say one of the great development which Delhi police has shown till now that is they have opened an online portal with which you can register FIR online in Delhi, that is the registering a Delhi Police FIR. This will save the huge time of those people who are too busy in their life.

In this article, I will tell you how this online FIR registration in Delhi (Delhi Police FIR) works and for what all things you can use this Delhi police online FIR Application. This Delhi Police FIR OnlineĀ feature is good but it has some of the limitations like you can register Delhi Police FIR for any of the things online. You can only register Online registration in Delhi if you have lost any of your documents.

For What You can Register FIR online in Delhi?

Register FIR Online in delhi

You can use Online FIR registration in Delhi with the help of Delhi Police FIR only if you have lost any of your important documents like:

  • Passport.
  • Driving License.
  • Wallet.
  • PAN Card.
  • Adhaar card.
  • Mark sheets etc.

If not any one of the above-listed things or not related to those things you can’t file FIR online in Delhi. Now let’s see the procedure to “Register FIR online in Delhi” or I can say “Delhi Police FIR

How to Register FIR online in Delhi. (Delhi Police FIR)

So now I will be telling you how to register FIR online in Delhi with the whole procedure you need to follow to file Delhi Police FIR online. But before that let me tell you a few things that you need to know.

Things to remember before registering Delhi Police FIR Online.

  • You can apply only if you have lost your important documents in the area of Delhi and Delhi NCR, not outside that. Because you can’t fileĀ Delhi Police FIR for the things which are lost outside of Delhi and National Capital Region.
  • No inquiry or investigation will be done for the Delhi Police FIR registered online.
  • If any crime is done then you can’t register FIR online, go to the nearest Police station.
  • If you have given a false FIR registration then you will be punished by Delhi Police.
  • For more regarding FIR Delhi police inquiry, you can contact the nearest police station.

Procedure to Register Delhi Police FIR Online.

  • To Register FIR online in Delhi (Delhi Police FIR) you need to open the online FIR portal of Delhi police. You can follow this link to do so. Online FIR Registration Delhi.
  • After you open the FIR Online portal of Delhi Police you can see something like this shown in the image below.

Online form to Register FIR online in Delhi - Delhi Police FIR

  • Now you need to fill-up the form which is shown in the image above I will tell you how you need to do it.
  • Complainant’s Name: Enter the name of the person who is registering FIR.
  • Father’s/Mother’s Name: Enter anyone (father’s/mother’s name) of the person who wants to register FIR.
  • Complainant’s Address: enter the full and correct address of the person registering the report.
  • Complainant’s Mobile Number: Enter a person’s mobile number.
  • Complainant’s Email ID: Person’s correct and functional E-mail address.
  • Place of Loss in Delhi: Enter the locality in Delhi where your document is lost.
  • Date of Loss: Enter the date when you lost your document.
  • Time of Loss: Enter the time when you lost your document.
  • Lost Articles: Enter what you have lost.
  • Descrip: Write a description of it.
  • Any Other Details: If you have any you can write to them here.
  • Enter the code shown in the image and click on submit.
  • You will soon get a confirmation E-mail.

For Android Users, Delhi Police Lost Report App.

Android app to Register FIR online in Delhi - Delhi Police FIRIf you are an android user then you can register FIR Online in Delhi using the android app which is launched by Delhi Police which you can download from Google PlayStore.

You can use this link to Install Delhi Police Lost Report App, on your android device.

I would like to thank Delhi Police to give this awesome feature to register FIR online it’s great progress. I hope they will serve the people of Delhi even better in the coming day.

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