How To Lien Funds In SBI Demat Account

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Lien Funds In SBI Demat Account: Hey there hi and welcome here did you open a new SBI Demat account? if yes then all the best for your further trading as now you have landed on this webpage where i am going to show you how to lien fund in SBI Demat account after you read this article fully you will be able to do so. Before this article i had written an another article based on SBI Demat services and that was about how to securely login into SBI Demat account without any security problem i would highly recommend you to read that article.

Before we move further let us know few things about SBI Demat services, we all know SBI(state bank of India) there is now person who don’t know about SBI it is a government bank of India. And demat is a trading account with which you will be able to trade in market that is in NSE and BSE which are the two stock markets which are available for Indians to trade in. So this was about SBI and their Demat account now let us know what exactly Lien Fund in SBI demat account is.

What is Lien Funds in SBI Demat account?

When you want to trade in stock market you need a Demat account and i have explained in the above paragraph what is demat account and you have it right now with you but another important thing which you need is Fund in your SBI Demat account i.e. money and Lien Fund in SBI Demat account is a process of taking your fund from your SBI savings account into your SBI Demat account. Now you got to know what is this but to do so you need some things which you can read below.

Things needed to Lien Funds in demat trading account.

lien Funds in SBI Demat Account
SBI CAP Securities.

Don’t worry you need nothing extra to lien fund in SBI Demat account you just need few basic things like:

  • Your Client code.
  • Your Password.
  • Permanent account number.
  • SBI internet banking username and password.

In my case when i had opened my SBI demat account i had my client ID, password, PAN No. but i did not have my SBI internet banking username and password with me. If you have them with you then well and good but if you don’t have them then go here and download SBI internet banking application and download it fill all the important data and submit that the SBI branch where you have you SBI savings account.

If you want a guide to Activate Internet banking in SBI i have it for you.

So these were the things you need to lien fund in SBI demat account. Now lets move further and see what are the steps in liening the funds form your savings account to your demat account.

How to lien Funds in SBI Demat Account.

Now i will show you all the steps which are involved in the process to lien funds in SBI demat account with images. Read the further part of the article carefully as it is point of Funds or money.

  • First of all go to SBI Smart website and login into your trading account if you don’t know how to login into your SBI trading account then you can read the article which i have linked above in 1st paragraph.
  • After your login into your SBI Demat account you can see a MENU option at the top part of your window at the right side click on that.
  • When you click on that you can see that you will get many options and widgets in that you need to select Lien/Unlien option.
lien Funds in SBI Demat Account
Select Lien/Unlien from the menu.
  • Now another windows will appear in front of you in which you. Now click on Mark Lien or Unlien for funds.
lien Funds in SBI Demat Account
Click on Mark Lien or Unlien for funds.
  • After you click on that you will be redirected to SBI internet banking service page, enter your Username and password there enter the amount you want to lien and follow the instructions provided on the screen.

For more details watch this SBI’s official video about “How to lien funds in SBI demat account”.

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So this was how to lien funds in SBI demat account, hope i helped you to lien funds to your demat account and if any doubt you have regarding this comment here below and if you feel you need some serious help then contact SBI cap securities customer care. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned with my blog to get more stuff about SBI demat services.

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