How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life?

Hey there hi and welcome here, are you searching online for the tips and tricks by which you can “Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life”, many of us use Samsung Galaxy Smartphones but what problem we face using them is the battery life their battery drains a bit faster when we don’t configure it in the right way. And that is what I will be telling you in this article of mine that is how to increase Samsung Galaxy Battery life. After you read my article completely I am sure your Samsung galaxy’s battery life will be increased by at least 20%. So let’s start we need to go way longer to complete this article.

But before we start the real thing in this article lets take some more extra information about it, like why battery life of Smartphones not only Samsung all the smartphones which are available in the market is less? I will tell you why it is happening. Umm. Let me try to crack it down.

Why Battery is draining fast?

There are many reasons why your smartphone battery is draining fast but I know some of the reasons why it happens and those I have written below.

  • Maybe your battery has some physical damage or something like that.
  • Usage of many widgets and live wallpaper.
  • Using the full brightness of your phone’s screen.
  • Running of many of the background processes.
  • Using the auto-brightness sensor.
  • I know these many.. If you have some more than comment below, I will add them also.

Now let us get to the point and see how to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life.

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Tips to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life.

Tips to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life

So here are some of the tips for you to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life, some of these I got online and some of them are by experience by using Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. I hope you will Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life of your Samsung smartphone. Let me not waste much of your time and get started with the article and check out all the tips to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life.

Switch on Flight Mode when necessary.

When your Samsung Galaxy phone is in the area where the signal strength is less, your smartphone will always keep trying to get more and more signals to it. It will be searching for signal whenever it is lost and the search for a signal will cost you more battery as it will be continuously scanning for available networks in your area so it will drain your battery faster so what you need to do is switch on the flight mode when you are in such area and this is my first tip for you to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life.

Always Be up to date.

You should always use updated apps and Android versions on your Samsung Galaxy phones to increase its battery life and this is necessary and highly recommended as when a developer is updating any of the apps he will be fixing any bugs if exists and updates the way it works to even better way so that it can run well. And when bugs are fixed and working is improved it is obvious that it will use less battery power so this is the second tip to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life.

Bring Down the Screen’s Brightness.

Decrease your Samsung galaxy phone’s brightness down, doing so you will save 10% of your battery, what I mean is if you set your phone’s brightness less than you will save 10% of battery by following this method alone because Samsung always manufactures the screens with sharp color productions, and that color production will cost you too much of batter so it better to get it down. This is my third tip of Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life.

Turn Off Auto-Brightness Feature.

Nowadays we are getting this feature in all the smartphones and in all the ranges of smartphones which works to adjust your phone’s brightness automatically according to the light condition you are in. Do you know how this works? If you don’t know I will let you know, Near the front camera of your Samsung Galaxy phone, you have a proximity sensor present which will be always on if you are using this feature and that will use too much of your battery. So you should turn it off.

Turn Off Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, and other Radios.

In your Samsung Galaxy phone, your will be having many inbuilt radio transmitters like GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, etc. which are very common in all the Samsung Galaxy phones, but if you want to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life than you need to turn them Off when you are not using them. These Radios use a lot of battery resources to run and the one which uses the most is GPS it uses too much so you should at least turn it off. I recommend you to turn all of them off when you are not using them.

Turn On Battery Saver Feature.

Turn on the battery saver feature that you get in your Samsung Galaxy phone which comes in all the Samsung phones. I all ways keep it on in my Samsung device and suggest you keep it on always. What this feature does is it will decrease your CPU’s clock speed which will help you to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life.

Limit Background Processes.

This is one of the most recommended tips to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life from my end that is you need to limit the background processes your Samsung galaxy phone can run. By doing so you can save a lot of amount of battery life on your phone. To do so you need to open settings > Developer Tools > Turn developer tools on > Limit background processes > Set it to “at most 2”.

Turn off auto Sync.

When you add any of the accounts to your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone like let me say Google account which is the primary account which we all need to use Android operating system or another one like Facebook at that movement your Samsung galaxy phone will be always syncing your account after some time which you need to disable. You can do so by going to settings > Account > Select the account and disable the sync. So this is my last tip for you to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life.


So this was the 8 tips from me for you to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life, I hope they helped you to increase your Samsung’s battery life. And if you feel any of the above-written tips to increase battery life is wrong or not helpful feel free to comment below. I need your feedback to improve my blog. And if you know some more tips to Increase Samsung Galaxy Battery Life, they please do comment on them below I will add them to my article to make it better.

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