How to Get Talktime Loan on Idea Mobile Number

Idea cellular company is one of the biggest telecom company in our India they have subscribers in huge numbers. I think even you are one of those subscribers and you are are searching online for an article or guide I can say in which you will find the complete procedure which you need to follow to get talktime loan in idea mobile number. If yes and you are searching for such an article then let me tell you that you have been landed on the right web page. Because in this Idea GuideĀ of mine I will be telling you all the steps to get loan in idea.

Method to Get Talktime Loan on idea Mobile Number.

get talktime loan on idea
Here is the method for you to get talktime loan on idea.

So now let us get started with this guide and check out the procedure to get talktime loan on Idea mobile number. When they (Idea Cellular) are giving you the loan they apply some terms and conditions on you I have mentioned those conditions below.

Conditions for balance loan on idea:

  • If you want to enjoy this feature on your mobile number, then the first and foremost condition that is applied to the subscriber or customer is your number should be at least 3 months or 90 days old.
  • And the second condition is there should be no loan pending on your mobile number. Let me elaborate this for you, it means that you should not have taken any loan from Idea cellular before this which is not repaid. If you have repaid the previous loan then you are 100% eligible for this process.
  • As we all know mobile balance is more used in prepaid connections than in postpaid connections. So your idea mobile number should be a prepaid idea cellular number.
  • While you are taking the loan from Idea cellular company your balance should be less than Rs. 2 if in case you have the balance more than Rs. 2 then they will not provide you with the loan.

These were the conditions which are applied to you when you want to get loan on Idea Mobile Number. If you are missing out any of these conditions I mean if your mobile number is not 90 days old or something like that then you are not eligible to get talktime loan from idea.

How Talktime Loan on Idea Works?

idea talktime loan

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is take out your smartphone and open it if you have locked it with any kind of pattern or password and move from lock screen to home screen.

Step 2: After that open your smartphone’s dialer and dial the USSD Code to take loan on Idea number, i.e. *150*10#.

Step 3: Press call button and go through the instructions provided on your smartphone screen.

Step 4: And you are done with it, Rs. 10 Credit or Balance Loan will be credited to your account, you can check your prepaid balance now.

This was the procedure to take talktime loan in idea mobile number I hope you are clear with all the steps. But if you have any kind of doubts then you can leave your comment below.

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23 thoughts on “How to Get Talktime Loan on Idea Mobile Number”

  1. I am not able to take loan I am trying the USSD Code you have mentioned but I am not getting any sort of message or error on my screen.

    My home screen is coming only no loan.

    • Hi Baveek,
      The USSD Code which is mentioned in the article above is the correct one to take loan from Idea, but as you stated that you are not getting any message on your screen.

      Switch off your smartphone and restart it after that try again.

    • Hi Yuvraj,
      Yes you can use this USSD Code mentioned above in Punjab and also all the other telecom circles of India.

  2. Hi Akash Navi,
    Currently I have Rs. 7 in my idea prepaid account but I want Rs. 10 + currently.

    I can’t go out now and recharge my mobile number can I take the loan if my balance in not below Rs. 5?

    Please reply faster.

  3. Hi I had taken loan from idea few days back but I have not recharged my mobile number from the time I took the loan from them.

    Can I get loan talktime one more time?

    • Hi Pradeep Parsi,
      No, You can’t take loan from the company if you have previously taken loan pending. You have to clear your previous loan before you can get a new one.

  4. I tried dialing the USSD Code which you have mentioned but I am not getting any message on my screen when I dial the USSD Code.

    I am getting error “Mobile Connection Failed” on Samsung Galaxy J7.

    • Hi Akhilesh,
      As you have mentioned that you are getting an error on your Samsung Galaxy J7 I recommend you to restart your smartphone and try dialing the USSD Code once more.

    • Hi Rupesh,
      If you are facing any issues to get loan from idea cellular then first you have to check if your number is 90 days old, your prepaid account balance is less than Rs. 5, and you don’t have any previous loan pending.

  5. Hi Akash,
    My idea mobile number is not 90 days old but I want to use their emergency talktime service.

    Can I use it on my mobile number which is not 90 days old?

    • Hi Akshay Mitra,
      No, you can’t take loan from idea if your prepaid mobile number is not 90 days old. But you can take once your mobile number is 90 days old.

    • Hi Sumit Sharma,
      I am glad that you found this article of mine helpful and it helped you to take loan on your idea prepaid mobile number.

  6. I am trying to take loan in my idea number by following the procedure that you have mentioned above but I am not getting any loan credited in my idea prepaid account why?

    Please help me sir.

    • Hi Ankit Agarwal,
      You will be unable to take a loan from the company if you are missing out any of the conditions which is applied to you while taking a loan from them.

      Like you may have previous loan pending to pay or your mobile number may not be 90 days old etc.

      But if you feel something is not right then you can call the customer care of idea cellular and tell about the problem you are facing.


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