How to Get Godaddy Discount On Renewal?

How to Get Godaddy Discount On Renewal?
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Godaddy is the biggest domain name registrar in the world. Millions of people have registered the domain name with Godaddy. As the company grew now they are offering all the services needed for running websites.

They are providing all services including SSL Certificates, web hosting services etc. At the time when we are purchasing products or services from them, they provide it for less cost.

Their services are good and do not cost us much. But they charge high at the time of renewals. Like if you have purchased economy Linux hosting from them.

While purchasing it does not cost us more than Rs. 1300 INR. But when it comes to expires and it’s time to renew the service. It will cost us too much, in fact too much for the economy hosting plan. 🙂

But you don’t need to worry, today I will tell you how you can get Godaddy discount on Renewal of services.

We all know about the Godaddy promo codes with the help of which we can get the discount while we make the payment to the company.

But the real question is where can you get the Godaddy promo code?

You might be thinking that you can get the Godaddy promo code online on the coupon codes websites. But today I will tell you a truth about those websites.

They don’t give you any kind of Godaddy promo code, in fact, they redirect you to the official page. (most of the times) I will tell you a legit method by which you can get Godaddy Promo Code directly from the company.

Some of the promo codes which are listed on the coupon website’s are expired or simply they don’t work.

How to Get Godaddy Discount On Renewal with Godaddy Promo Code?

So now let us get started with this guide and check out how you can get Godaddy discount on renewal. The thing is very simple, most of the companies which are in the business of domains and web hosting provide 30% of discount to their customers on renewals.

But you have to ask for the Godaddy promo code from the company.

If you just click on renew button and make the payment you will be charged full amount without any kind of discount.

For example, I have an economy Linux hosting plan of Godaddy. Which is about to expire in few weeks when I click on Renew button in my Godaddy account.

Get Godaddy Discount On Renewal

The company makes the total bill of ₨ 5,506.20 INR including all the taxes. After all, it’s their business and they have to do it.

Now I can get 30% discount from the company by asking for the Godaddy promo code.

But the real question here is from where to get the promo code and get the discount on your renewal?

It’s very simple you can call the Godaddy’s customer and ask for the promo code.

Just call them on their phone number 040-67607600. (Godaddy India) Tell them that you have to renew your product which is about to expire and want the promo code.

They will add the product to your shopping card along with the 30% promo code. In very few cases they give you the promo code over the call.

After the call, your product will be ready in the cart all you have to do is click on Checkout button and make the payment of discounted amount.

Alternate method:

If you don’t want to call the customer care and wait for the call to get connected there is one more method by which you can get the Godaddy promo code.

And that is by chatting with Godaddy on their official website.

Godaddy Promo Code

Click on Support button at the top menu of their website and after that click on Chat Now.

Within minutes you will be connected to chat with one of their executives. Just tell them that you want to renew your products and want Godaddy promo code.

They will ask your Call-in PIN number for verification purpose and after that, they will add the 30% discount coupon to your cart.

They will also assist you during the time you are making your payment. This was so simple to get the promo code and get Godaddy Discount on Renewal.

You should note one thing and that is they give 30% discount most of the times. But the percentage of the discount may vary from product to product.

If you have any kind of doubts in your mind then feel free to comment below. I will be happy to hear from you.