How to download Torrent Files Directly?!

Download Torrent Files Directly: Hey there hi and welcome here, are you searching on the internet for a trick to download torrent files directly through your browser or maybe IDM mostly. If you are searching for something like that then you have been landed on the right blog because in this article of mine I am going to show you how to download torrent files directly without using the bit torrent client. When it comes to downloading some files like movies, games, etc. they are uploaded to a torrent when they are large like GB’s of size like any of the movies which you can download from torrent servers are of 1GB minimum if you go to download a movie of high definition.

But the problem with the bit torrent client which is naturally used to download the torrent files is the files are downloaded bit slowly and if some problem persists while downloading your torrent file then you are gone! your download will be failed and fully waste of your internet bandwidth and mainly your time, but the download failures are rare, while I was downloading a file of 1.5 GB through Bit torrent client my download when it had reached 1GB it was failed due to accidental restart of my router and it was not getting resumed.

But that will not happen anymore and you no need to download your file through the torrent client as I will be showing you how to download torrent files directly, through browser or IDM. In this method, we are going to make use of an online website which is called Zbigz which will help us to download torrent files directly in our browser so read on to know how you can download torrent files directly.

How to download torrent files directly using Zbigz.

So to download torrent files directly as I have mentioned in the above paragraph we are going to use an online website called Zbigz. So to download torrent files directly follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to and create a free account I mean you need to sign up for a Zbigz account.
  • Choose what account you need a free account or a premium account. Free account is limited with 1GB of download and with a premium account, you can download unlimited files with unlimited file sizes.
  • So after you are ready with your account now you need to upload your torrent to Zbigz do that as shown in the image below.

Download Torrent Files Directly

  • After you upload your .torrent file or paste the magnet link in the given space click on “Go!”.
  • Now you will be asked by the Zbigz that choose between Free or Premium zbigz account select the one with which you will be convenient for you.

Download Torrent Files Directly

  • So after you choose the download type you can see the benefits of Free and premium downloads, so now your file will be cached by the Zbigz servers in your account and it may take up to 10 minutes and after that, you will be provided with the direct download link with which you can download torrent files directly.
  • So you are done! this was “how to download torrent files directly”.


So this was the way with which you can download torrent files directly and fast. If you don’t want to download your torrent files using Zbigz there are many Zbigz alternatives available for you to download your torrent files with it. So hope you enjoyed reading this article and if so then don’t forget to share this with your friends. And stay tuned for more stuff like this.

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