How to Check offers in Idea

Check offers in idea: Hey there What’s up I think everything is fine and welcome to my website. Are you one of those internet users who are searching online for the terms like How to check idea offers, check offers in idea or it maybe anything which is related to offers available in Idea cellular company? And if yes even you are one of those users than you have done a great job by opening this website. Because in this page of this website you will find the way with which you can check offers in idea cellular SIM card or mobile number I can say.

Nowadays telecom companies like Idea and other who operate in India are giving plenty of offers to their users to keep them happy or else we users will change our telecom service provider in India with help of Mobile Number Portability feature which is available to us 😉  when it comes to the best Telecom service providers of India, Idea which is owned by ADITYA BIRLA GROUP is also one of the leaders by their awesome network coverage and offers as well. And in this article of mine I will be telling you how you can check offers in Idea.

To check offers in idea we are going to use some of the simple USSD Codes of Idea. But before i tell you the USSD code to check offers and let you know how you can use that one I would like to show you some of the other articles which I have published on my website about Idea Cellular before this article. And the first one is about sharing internet in Idea in this article you will find how you can share your internet data in idea. The second one is how to take 2G internet loan in idea in which you will find the way to take internet loan.

Not only those two I have some more for you I hope you will find these helpful for you. And the third is how to take talktime loan in idea in which you will find the way to take talktime to your mobile number. I have an article on my blog in which I have mentioned about all the telecom articles which are related to idea, which is Idea Guides. Now Its time for us to move to the further part of the article and check out how you can check offers in idea.

How to check offers in Idea?

check offers in idea

As i have already told you we are going to check offers available in your idea connection with the help of USSD code, the code which we are going to use is.

Offer Check USSD of Idea: *122#.

Procedure to check offers:

  • Open the dialer of your smartphone.
  • Dial the USSD Code *122# and press call.
  • All the best offers which are available for you will be displayed on your screen.
  • That’s all you need to do to check offers in idea.

For more details you can check official website of Idea.


So this was how you can check offers in idea SIM card, I hope you enjoyed reading the article and also that I helped you to see what offers you have in your idea mobile number. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more telecom stuff like this.