How to Block Lost ATM Card in HDFC Bank?

Hello Readers! Well, nowadays ATM cards playing a vital role in every aspect of our life and we use ATM cards for many purposes like Mobile Recharge, Online Shopping, etc.. So, having ATM cards is must and If you have an account in HDFC Bank and you have been using ATM card for many days or years. Unfortunately, your card has lost or stolen somewhere and you don’t know how to block lost ATM Card and Don’t worry you have landed in right place here we share the information about how to block lost ATM card in HDFC Bank and after reading this post you can easily block the ATM Card.

What happens if we don’t block the ATM card?

As I said above ATM Card plays a crucial role in any online transactions and you can deposit or withdraw at any anytime in ATM Center and if you lost the ATM Card then you’re in big trouble that people who found that may misuse the card and sometimes they may even withdraw money. So, as soon as you feel that your card has lost or stolen then immediately make sure to block the ATM Card.

How to block ATM card in HDFC Bank?Block Lost ATM Card in HDFC Bank

Yes! we came to the main part and please make note of every point that I share and as every Government or Private banks provide this feature and to secure your money you need to block the lost ATM Card and here I share few methods to block lost ATM Card in HDFC Bank and carefully watch it.

Block ATM Card Using Online Net Banking.

If You use the internet most of the time then the procedure is simple for the people like them and now you can block your ATM Card through Netbanking. As HDFC Bank provides the facility of Hotlisting blocking the Debit Cards through net banking and if you have a net banking facility then you can easily block the card and here are the steps to follow.

  1. Login to Net Banking using your ID and Password.
  2. And homepage will appears there click on the cards tab.
  3.  Under Enquiry, debit card hot listing at the left side of the screen and click on it and shows you debit cards that linked to your account.
  4.  Click on the Debit Card number that you want to hotlist or block and if you have many choices among that.
  5.  Select the Reason for Hotlisting and add remarks and click on confirm.
  6.  At last, You will get a confirmation that Your card has been hotlisted online and that’s it you did that you have been successfully blocked the ATM Card.

Block Lost ATM Card Going to Branch.

If You don’t have Internet Banking Facility and you want to Block Lost ATM Card then this method is useful to you and here are the steps to Block your lost ATM Card.

  1.  Download the Application form to  Block ATM Card.
  2.  Fill the Appropriate fields and write the reason for blocking.
  3.  Next Visit to the HDFC Branch Where you maintaining Your Account.
  4.  submit the form and they will ask for the reason and give an explanation and they will block your ATM Card.

Final Words.

Hope You got the above methods and through those methods, you can Block Your ATM Card for further details contact their Customer Care Numbers here and for both residents and NRI, Customers can contact them using the above-mentioned site, and thanks for visiting here. I hope if you found anyone facing this problem please share this post with them.

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