How to become Pilot In India

Written by Akash Navi

Become Pilot In India: Hey there hi and welcome here, are you interested to become pilot in India? and searching online for the articles which will tell you how to become commercial pilot in India? then you have been landed on the right page because in this article of mine i will be telling you how you can become a commercial pilot in India in this guide i will be covering up all the topics and questions you maybe having in mind. In India commercial pilots are the one who are getting the highest salary currently. That is the reason why some of us are now interested in becoming pilot but some of us have passion of becoming pilot from childhood by watching the planes flying here and there in the sky 🙂

Become Pilot In India

Even i am interested in becoming Pilot and will surely try to be one in India as soon as i will complete my 12th class. But this guide for them who have already completed their 12th class and are interested in becoming Pilot in India. Being a pilot is too tough i mean we need lot of money and talent to become a pilot in India i will be telling you how much of money you need to get the pilot training course completed and how much of marks you need to obtain in order to get admission in pilot training schools in India. And also i will tell you about the pilot training schools in India and the top schools, the city they are present, address, phone number and all.

How to become Pilot in India?

Become Pilot In India

Now let move further and see what all qualifications you need to become pilot in India. In further part of this article you will find what to do to become a pilot in India, how to become airline pilot in India or i can say how to become a commercial pilot and requirements for becoming pilot in India. So lets start with the requirements for becoming pilot.

Requirements for becoming pilot in India.

The minimum requirements to become pilot in our country is you need to have your 12th class completed and you should have scored 50% of marks in physics, chemistry and maths at your 12th board exams. This is the minimum qualification you need to become pilot in our country.

How to get admission in Pilot training institutes.

After you have completed your 12th class with 50% of marks in Physics, chemistry and maths you need to choose the pilot training school at which you want to get pilot training and complete pilot course and if you want to know the best and top pilot training institutes in India you can check them i have listed them out in one of my previous article in which you can find the address, website and phone number of the the pilot school. And if you are from Karnataka like I am then you can find the pilot training institutes in Karnataka here.

Entrance exam at Pilot training institutes.

After you choose the pilot training institute where you wish to complete the training and procedure to become a pilot, you need to clear a entrance exam at the pilot training school where you should clear the written exam and a physical test which is too tough and only able candidates get admission.

Cost of completing Pilot training in India.

So now think that you have already chosen the pilot training institute and have appeared to the entrance exam and have cleared the exam also. After you clear the entrance exam to become Pilot in India you need to pay the fees to the pilot training institute. And the amount which will be costing you will approximately 15 to 20 lakh Indian Rupees. There is an another way to become pilot in India without paying heavy fees read on to know how.

How to Become pilot without Fees?

Note: This is just for your reference not related to Commercial Pilot.

As i said that you can become pilot in India without paying the heavy amount of fees to the pilot training institutes in India. I think you are too happy for it right? then here is how you can become pilot without fees. You need to clear the NDA exam held by Indian Airforce and if you clear the NDA exam and physical test the training will be free and after your training you will be payed Rs.50000 to Rs.60000 per month.

How to get pilot license in India?

So again think now you have payed the fees amount to the pilot training institute and now have joined and getting trained to become pilot in India. You need to get pilot license so that you should be allowed to fly an airplane and there are three kind of license and those are,

  • Student Pilot License.
  • Private Pilot License.
  • Commercial Pilot License.

For more about license you can check this Pilot License.

How to become a Commercial pilot in India.

As your pilot training course gets completes you can obtain the licenses listed above and as soon as you get commercial pilot license (CPL) you are now eligible to become a commercial plane pilot in India. After you have a CPL you can become airline pilot in India as well. So this is how you can become commercial pilot in India.

How to become an Airline pilot in India.

So now you are a commercial pilot in India now if you want to become an airline pilot in India then first you need to have a Commercial Pilot License which you will be getting after you complete the pilot training course. Now you can apply for different airlines for pilot post and airlines will select the able candidates and appoints them as trainee in their airlines and after your training is completed you will be appointed as a Airline pilot in India.


So this was how you can become pilot in India with all the details. Hope the details you needed about becoming a pilot in India has been published in this article of mine and hope you enjoyed reading the article and if so please do share your experience with me by commenting below. ALL THE BEST!

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