How to Activate Internet Banking in ICICI Bank

Hello Readers! You May be already having account on the ICICI Bank and willing to make payments through online without going to bank everytime and If Yes then you’re in the right place and here in this article i’m going to show you how to activate internet banking for the users of ICICI bank and in this article i’ll show every step how you can activate internet bank and which is an essential purpose now-a-days in every aspect and almost every Government or Private Banks are providing this feature due to many advantages of using it. Before Going that, let me give clear explanation of Internet Banking Uses 🙂 .

What Is Internet Banking and Uses?

Internet Banking is also known as e-banking or Online banking, which is an electronic payment system used for transactions from banks to users and coming to the uses as day by day e-shopping has been increasing everything is going online like recharging mobile phones, buying mobiles and clothes etc., to make this we need a active bank account with internet banking feature . So, Already You have a bank account in ICICI Bank And want to enjoy Internet Banking here are the few steps to be followed and you can easily get the Internet Banking account.

How To Activate Internet Banking In ICICI Bank?

How to activate Internet Banking in ICICI Bank

Yes! we came here to the main part and hope you understand about the Internet Banking and it uses and ICICI bank provides basically there are two methods where you can get Internet Banking account and other from Online Process and You can get them by following any one of these methods and i’ll tell you how to get the Internet Banking account In ICICI bank in a detailed way all you need to do is follow the each and every step carefully.

Activating Internet banking by visiting ICICI branch.

Here is the First Method where you can get the ICICI Internet Banking Account by Visiting the Branch where You have been registered your account. Generally , this feature is provided by all the private and Government banks and to activate the Internet Banking of Your registered and maintaining account some steps to be followed here are they..

  1.   Download the  ICICI Net Banking Application and take the printout of it.
  2.   Next Fill the Net Banking Application with proper details given in the form.
  3.   Now Visit the ICICI Home Branch and Submit Application to corresponding officer.
  4.   They will activate the Net Banking Service and will give User ID and Password of your maintaing account.
  5.   Then within 24 hours will account will be activated .
  6.   Then Go to  ICICI Net Banking site and enter the username and Password provided and click on submit and you can change the username and Password later.

Now-a – days, Newly opened ICICI Bank Accounts availing the Internet Banking Account as in Welcome Kit. So, New Account Holders can easily Activate by using the Username and Password by going to link here ICICI Net Banking Site  and enjoy services.

Hey have you liked your PAN card and Aadhaar card with your bank account? If not then you should think of doing so. And if you want some guidelines regarding those submissions check these.

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So this is how you can activate internet banking account in ICICI bank, I hope you got all the information for which you were searching online. If you have any doubts contact ICICI bank customer care: 1800 102 4242. They will assist you with it. Anyways thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more stuff like this. 🙂

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