How to Access Webmail in Godaddy?

How to Access Webmail in Godaddy?
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Godaddy too good at its work, they are the biggest domain name registrar in the world. We can not only register domain with them but now they offer services like hosting, SSL and lots more. You have web hosting with them then you can get access to webmail. In this guide of mine, I will tell you how you can access webmail in Godaddy.

I have used almost all the kind of web hosting services of Godaddy. I would like to say their hosting is good but we can’t say it is too good because of the down time I observed with them.

When you purchase web hosting with them they will allow you to use webmail too. You can create unlimited email accounts from your cPanel in Godaddy account.

If you have already created the webmail account want to access it then I will tell you how you can access webmail in Godaddy. But if you have not created it yet, then you can create it from cPanel.

How to Access Webmail in Godaddy?

So now let us get started with this guide and check out the procedure to access webmail in Godaddy. I would like to tell you one thing.

And that is if you are just creating the email account in Godaddy webmail then make sure that you have already hosted your domain name in the hosting account.

If you have not linked up the domain name and the hosting account. Then you can neither create webmail account or access webmail in Godaddy.

You can access webmail in Godaddy by following two methods and they are as mentioned below.

  • Accessing through cPanel.
  • And Accessing without cPanel.

I have mentioned both the methods and you can follow any one of these two methods to access webmail in Godaddy hosting.

Accessing Webmail Through cPanel:

The first thing you have to do is visit the official website of Godaddy and login to your account by entering your username and password.

Once you login to your Godaddy account, click on your username which is displayed at the upper right corner of the website.

How to Access webmail in Godaddy

You will get a drop-down menu when you click on your username. From there click on My Products. All the services you have purchased from them will be displayed on your screen.

Godaddy Webmail Account

Now you have to select the hosting account whose webmail you want to access. You have to click on the manage hosting button from the list of products.

Select Email Account

You will be now taken to the cPanel of the hosting account that you select. From there click on Email Account option which you find in the cPanel.

All the email accounts which you have created with this hosting account will be listed in front of you. Click on Access Webmail link which you can find in front of your email account.


And finally, you have to select the application with which you would like to access webmail in Godaddy. The applications available are Horde, RoundCube or SquirrelMail.

Once you select the application your can access the webmail. But you have to keep one thing in your mind and that is if you click on Set as Default link. Every time you access the email account it will be opened in the default application only.

Accessing webmail without cPanel:

Now let us check out how you can access webmail in Godaddy without cPanel. Not everyone knows about this method. But this method is very easy and lets you access webmail within seconds.

Because all you have to do is open the browser which you use to use the internet and open the URL in the below-mentioned pattern.

www.example.com/webmail replace example.com with your domain name which is hosted with Godaddy. You will be redirected to cPanel page from where you can easily access your webmail in Godaddy.


So this was how you can access webmail in Godaddy. I hope you are clear with all the steps which are mentioned in this guide. If you have any kind of doubt in your mind you can comment below.

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