How to Use Skype in Google Chrome

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Use Skype In Google Chrome: Hey there hi and welcome, are you searching online for how you can use Skype in Google Chrome? Then don’t worry you have been landed on the right page here on my blog because in this article on mine I am going to show you how to use Skype in Google Chrome. In my previous article, I had written on how to block pop-ups in Google Chrome, check that if you don’t want pop-ups in your Google Chrome browser.

In this article I am going to teach you how to download Skype for Google Chrome computer, what I mean by Google Chrome computer is a computer with Google Chrome installed on it.

So to use Skype in Google Chrome browser we are using a Skype for Google Chrome extension which is Google Chrome Skype plugin which will help us to use Skype in Google Chrome web browser. And by using this Google Chrome extension we will not face any kind of Google Chrome and Skype problems like for example Google Chrome and Skype not working or something like that.

How To Use Skype In Google Chrome

Use Skype In Google Chrome

As we all know Skype it lets us make free calls both voice and video calls with our friends and family, the most amazing thing about Skype is that it supports all the platforms. But one problem we face while using on computers is we need to download its software and install that on our computer to use Skype but after you install this ‘Skype for Google Chrome extension [Google Chrome Skype plugin] you will be able to use Skype in Google Chrome web browser.

Skype for Google Chrome extension we are using is Skype Click To Call

So let me not waste much of your time and get started with the tutorial and show you how to use Skype in Google Chrome. And to do so follow my steps:

  • First of all, open your Google Chrome web browser.
  • Now you need to download software called as ‘Skype Click To Call’ which is an official Skype software. You can download that from the link given above.
  • After you install that software. You need to restart your Google Chrome browser, you will get the notification of new extension installed on your browser when you open. Click on Enable button to enable the extension.
  • You are almost done now, you just need to click on any phone number or Skype ID on any of the web page and you will get the option called as a call.
  • When you click on call you will be asked to sign in into your account and you call will begin.
  • That’s it you are done.


So this was how you can use Skype in Google Chrome hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you feel this article helpful for you then please share it further on your social profiles. Thanks for visiting stay tuned with us for more stuff like this.

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