Who Offer Fastest Mobile Internet In India?

Fastest Mobile Internet In India: Hey there hi and welcome here, are you planning to change your current mobile internet provider and want to know which telecom service provider offers “Fastest Mobile Internet In India” then here you go i have tested all the major telecom companies so that i can give you accurate report of their speed and other things. Before i start the article let me tell you that i am not insulting any of the service provider operating in India or any part of the world i am just sharing my experience while using their mobile internet facility in my state.

I have tested the various mobile internet providers in India in three states Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra and i will share all the results with you and help you to choose the best and fastest Mobile internet in India. In this article i have given the results of both 2G and 3G internet speeds. And provided my point of view on their internet service. So let me start with my report now. Before that one more thing i would like to tell you i have a must read guide for you on how to know you own mobile number which is really helpful if you forget your number.

The companies which i have tested are:

  • Airtel.
  • BSNL.
  • Idea Cellular
  • Vodafone Asan.
  • Tata Docomo.

I tested this Companies in Huawei 7.2 MBPS Wi-Fi Datacard. And tested with SpeedTest.net

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Which is the fastest 2G internet Provider In India?

So here are the results of 2G internet speeds. In this list i have written about the telecom operators in acceding order of their internet speed in India. As i have mentioned in the 2nd paragraph these results are based on Mobile internet test I made in Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra.

#1 BSNL.

BSNL has great 2G speeds as there 2G internet connection is not capped at any speed as they have introduced unified 2G and 3G internet packages. Download speeds BSNL offers is 50 KBPS and upload speed is 25 KBPS.

#2 Vodafone.

The company which at #2 in offering 2G internet in India is Vodafone. While i was testing this i saw that the download speed which i was getting was 40 KBPS which is ok for a 2G internet connection and the upload speed was around 25 KBPS.

#3 Airtel.

The cellular company which is ranked at #3 for 2G internet test is Airtel, i have no complaints about their service they always provided us with the best service. While testing download speed was 36 KBPS and upload speed was 20 KBPS.

#4 Idea.

Idea cellular also offer great 2G internet connection, while you will be connecting your phone or datacard to the internet you will not come across any errors while connecting very fluent this company is. Download speed was 30 KBPS and upload speed was 22 KBPS. I have list of all USSD codes of idea check them.

# 5 Tata Docomo.

Idea and Tata Docomo are almost close in case of the speed provided by both companies. Download speed is 30 KBPS and upload speed is 20 KBPS.

Which is the fastest 3G internet Provider In India?

Now let us see who offer the best 3G internet connection in India. Almost half of the companies offer same speed and network stability but still there is lots of competation in the speed they provide to us. So lets see who provides the best service.

#1 Airtel.

Fastest 3G Internet In India is provided by Airtel. their 3G service is awesome, download speed was around 3.2 MBPS and upload speed is 2 MBPS. Do you want to know how to transfer balance? check here before moving further.

#2 Idea.

And the second place in case of fastest 3G internet provider in India is occupied by Idea cellular. I have seen that in Karnataka and Goa, Idea uses Airtel’s 3G network so the results are also same as Airtel. it shows that we are roaming on Airtel but no extra charges are charged. Download speed was 3.2 MBPS and upload was 2 MBPS.

#3 Vodafone.

Even this company is awesome if we see their 3G internet connections stability and speed. Download speed was 3 MBPS and upload speed is 1.8 MBPS.

#4 Tata Docomo.

Tata Docomo also offers good 3G connection at low price but their network lags in stability, whenever you will be on a video call or downloading some huge files i mean when we put pressure on their network the connection disconnects automatically. Download speed was 3 MBPS and upload was 1.8 MBPS.

#5 BSNL.

Now comes our government’s cellular company BSNL which is ranked at number one for 2G speeds and at number 5 for 3G speeds. Even BSNL provides good service but whenever you will be browsing the net you will get huge speeds but after few minutes the connection speed comes down to 150 KBPS and will not go up again uptill you reset your connection. Download speed BSNL offers is 1.5 MBPS and upload is 800 KBPS.

Conclusion about Fastest Mobile Internet In India.

So these were the speeds which are provided by various telecom service providers in India hope you got the right judgement of choosing the right fastest mobile internet provider in India. While this guide was about internet i have some of the articles which are related to internet so here they are, List of all APN‘s which will help you configuring your APN and if you use IDM as your download manager then check here how to increase download speed of IDM. Hope you liked the article.