How to Deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND) in Idea?

Hey there hi and welcome to my website and I am Akash Navi. I think  you are feed up of the marketing calls you get from your Telecom service provider which is Idea. And searching for an article in which you will find information about how you can deactivate Do Not Disturb in Idea. If yes and you are searching for such an article online then let me tell you that you have been landed on the right website here. Because in this article I will be telling you the complete procedure which you need to follow to to get Do Not Disturb deactivated on your Idea Mobile Number.

When DND was introduced in India there were chances that you get the calls from your telecom service providers only the marketing calls get unblocked. But now the situation is not like that. If you deactivate DND on your mobile number your telecom service provider also can’t make marketing call to you. Isn’t that great? Yes it is. Let me tell you how this happened and what kind of upgrade did TRAI do for this. They transformed this service to National Consumer Preference Register and now the chances of getting those calls is zero.

National Consumer Preference Register (NCPR) says that in India any mobile subscriber has the ability to unblock all the marketing calls he or she gets on her mobile number. Or you will get an option where you can select only some categories of calls which you will be getting on your mobile number or unblocking some particular categories only. This is really great to unblock only some of the category calls, one more awesome service TRAI launched in India recently is the national wide mobile number portability to know more you can follow the link. I have created a full detail guide about MNP.

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How to Deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND) in Idea?

Deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND) in Idea

So now let us get started with this article and check out the procedure which you guys need to follow to deactivate Do not disturb in Idea.

  • The first thing you need to do is, opening the lock of your Sony SmartphoneSamsung Smartphone or any of the phone you use.
  • If you have locked it with any kind of PIN or Password.
  • Move from your Lock Screen to home screen of your smartphone.
  • Now you have to open your messaging app and send a message. I have mentioned the Message pattern which you have to use.
  • Type STOP and send it to 1909 and you are done with it.
  • You have now successfully completed your task to deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND) in Idea.

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So this was how you can deactivate do not disturb, I hope you are clear with all the steps which I have mentioned in this article. If you have anykind of doubts or questions you can leave your comment below. Thank you for reading and stay tuned with me for more stuff like this.