How to Check Reliance Jio Number?

Hey there hi and welcome and I am Akash Navi here, many people somehow managed to get Reliance Jio SIM Cards by standing in the queue for hours of time and some of us got Reliance Jio SIM Cards free with the brand new smartphones we purchased. And even some people got it easily without standing in the queue, I don’t know how you got your Reliance Jio SIM Card if you wish to share it with me then you can do that by comment it below. In this article of mine, I will be telling you the procedure by following which you can check Reliance Jio Number.

From the time Reliance Jio entered into telecom market of India, it totally shocked all other telecom service providers in India. They are suffering a loss in the business and it is being told that no other telecom company is suffering from the losses at the rate which Airtel is suffering. They have to do something to battle Reliance Jio and to do so they launched some of the new offers and plans but they did not work well for them.

Recently Airtel launched unlimited calling plan which did not work well for them at all. Not only Airtel but even Aircel launched unlimited calling plan which is worth buying and lot better when compared to that of Airtel’s unlimited calling plan. If you wish you can read about those unlimited plans launched by Airtel and Aircel by following the links provided here.

Airtel also launched a plan in which you will get 3G or 4G internet for full month at just Rs. 29 which is complete waste according to me. And even Vodafone came up with a new way of recharging your prepaid mobile numbers and it was termed as Vodafone Flex Recharge which is an interesting idea. You can read about Vodafone Flex recharge by following this link provided here.

How to Check Reliance Jio Number?

Check Reliance Jio Number

So now let us get started with this article and check out the procedure to check Reliance Jio number by dialing USSD Code.

  1. Take out your smartphone and open dialer screen.
  2. Dial this Reliance Jio USSD Code: *1#
  3. And press call button, you are done with it, your Jio number will be displayed on your smartphone’s screen.

You can check it by sending an SMS to another number or even by calling another number. Do you know you can make Reliance Jio Calls on non-VoLTE smartphone as well? If you want to read how you can do that follow this link.  🙂

Final Words.

So this how you can check Reliance Jio Number by dialing USSD Code, I hope it worked for you. I used the same USSD Code in Karnataka and it showed up my mobile number.