How to Change Ownership of Mobile Number in Idea?

Hey there hi and welcome to my website and I am Akash Navi here. Are you searching for an article online in which you will find information about how you can change ownership of mobile number in Idea? If yes and you are searching for such an article then let me tell you that you have been landed on the right website. Because in this article I will be telling you the complete procedure which you need to change ownership of mobile number in Idea. I have mentioned all the steps which are involved doing so.

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How to Change Ownership of Mobile Number in Idea?

Change Ownership of Mobile Number in Idea

Now you have a Mobile number or a SIM Card connection and you want to change the owner or SIM Card applicant of that mobile number. Like I can say you have a mobile connection which you are using from long time and now you want to make that number on your name. (Get the ownership) Then you have to follow few steps which I have listed below. I have mentioned two ways with which you can do so, the first one is easy and quick and the second one is bit lengthy.

Method 1:

This is quite simple, you just have to use the Mobile Number Portability feature and obtain the porting code. Once you get that you will have to submit your Identity proof documents and Address proof documents to any of the telecom service provider by visiting their outlet or store I can say.

Your mobile number will be ported to that Telecom service provider within 5 to 7 days and the ownership will also be changed to the name whose Identity proof and address proof documents you have submitted. You can use this method if you are okay with changing your telecom operator. But if you don’t want to change your service provider then you can use the second method.

Method 2: 

  • The first thing you have to do is collecting the Identity proof and address proof documents of both the parties. (ID and Address proof documents of both current owner and yours)
  • Now you will have to take photocopies of those documents. (one copy each)
  • Make your signature on them to make them self-attested, without your signature on them they are not considered as valid proofs.
  • Ask the current owner to write an NOC letter and take their signature.
  • Now visit Idea Store along with the current owner of the mobile number.
  • Idea officials will tell you the further procedure which you need to follow.


So this was the procedure which you need to follow to change ownership of mobile number in Idea. I hope you have understood all the steps which I have mentioned above. If you have any kind of doubts you can leave your comment below. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more stuff like this.