Technology Review: Best Online Torrent Downloader

Written by Akash Navi Review: Hey there hi and welcome to my website, are you searching for an online torrent downloader? If yes and you are searching for such a service online. Then let me tell you that I am going to introduce you to the best online torrent downloader, that is, I promise you will fall in love with There are reasons why I am telling as the best online torrent downloader. I will tell you about all those features because of which I love their service, I am sure you will also like their service. Review: Best Online Torrent Downloader.

Before some days I had published an article in which I had mentioned about the top Zbigz Alternatives, I have mentioned about in that article as well. So let us now get started with the article, first I will tell you about the features, plans and after that, I will show you how to use this service.

Features of

Here are the features of this online torrent downloader.

Antivirus Protection.

When you download any of the torrent files through this service the files are Antivirus checked. They use ES ET NOD32 to scan the files and to protect your files which you download online.

SSL Secure Connection.

When you connect to Bitport website your connection to the website is SSL Secured. That is they use https:// protocol for their website.

Cloud Storage.

This is the best part and I loved this thing, you can download the torrent files and you don’t need to install you own torrent client. You just need to choose the file which you would like to download and it will be downloaded to your cloud storage even when your computer is off. That’s great actually because if you use torrent client you need to keep your computer on till the download is completed.

Online Torrent Streaming.

Yes, you heard it right, you can stream your torrent downloads online, that is when you download any of your favorite movie you can stream that online without downloading or transferring them to your computer. Not only on your computer but you can stream them on your phone or tablet as well. Because the files you download are stored in your cloud storage.

Blazing Fast Download Speeds.

The download speeds are just amazing, the torrent files are downloaded very quickly on your cloud storage. If the torrent is very famous it is downloaded very fast and if someone who use has already downloaded that file then you can get it instantly. And if the torrent is old and not famous still the download speeds are very good.

Pricing and Plans.

You can find all the pricing and plans in the image below.


How to use

Using this service is very simple you just need to paste the magnet link or upload your torrent file from your PC.

How to use bitport torrent downloaderAfter you paste your magnet link or upload torrent from PC just click on “Add new torrent”, and you will see it under “Torrents for download” Section. You can refer the image below.

Downloading TorrentsThe file I am downloading is a movie which is of 1.05 GB which was downloaded to my cloud storage within 1.5 minutes, the speed is blazing fast as I told you in the features section.


You can find your downloaded torrents in the “My files” section of the website, so this was how to use service. I hope you liked this torrent downloader you can register to bitport with this link. If you have any kind of doubts you can comment below I will respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more stuff like this. 🙂

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