Airtel Rs. 29 Internet Pack Full Month 3G or 4G Internet

Airtel Rs. 29 Internet Pack Full Month: Airtel they are one of the leading telecom service provider in India, they provide almost all kind of telecommunication services like Landline, broadband service, 2G, 3G and 4G mobile service. They have established themselves very well in Indian telecom industry. Before few months as we all know that Reliance Jio has entered our Indian telecom industry and they are offering free unlimited calls, SMS and 4G internet for all those users who buy Reliance Jio SIM Cards. I would like to say since Jio has entered the industry the way we use data and calls has been completely changed, we all are now using 4G internet not 3G.

I hope you even you own an Reliance Jio SIM card, it’s an important thing these days to own an Jio SIM card. 🙂 If you own one you can enjoy limitless calls and 4G internet on your device, you can seamlessly use YouTube download stuff and much more. You can even use your smartphones personal hotspot to use Reliance Jio 4G on your desktop or laptop computer. But there was an issue and that was Jio is completely 4G and you can’t use it on an non-4G or LTE device.

And even if you own an 4G device but it doesn’t have VoLTE feature then you can’t make free calls on your device. But I have an trick with which you can make free calls from Reliance Jio on non VoLTE smartphones. Sounds great right? If you want to read that guide then follow this link “How to make Jio Calls on Non VoLTE Smartphones“. In this article of mine I will be telling you everything about the new Airtel Rs. 29 Internet Pack which tells that you can use internet for whole month at just Rs. 29

Airtel Rs. 29 Internet Pack Full Month 3G or 4G Internet

Airtel Rs. 29 Internet Pack Full Month

So now let get started with this article and checkout how much internet you will be getting in this new Airtel Rs. 29 Internet Pack Full month, I have mentioned all the details below.

  • This Internet pack will cost you Rs. 29 per month and you can enjoy this offer only on Airtel prepaid mobile number.
  • Once you recharge or activate Airtel Rs. 29 Internet Pack on your number by recharging or dialing Airtel USSD Code, this offer will be active for an period of one month on your number.
  • You will be getting 75 MB of 3G or 4G internet on your mobile number.

If you wish to activate this Airtel Rs. 29 Internet Pack you can do that by recharging Rs. 29 or else by deducting the balance from your current Airtel balance. If you wish to do so then you need to dial *567*29# and follow the on screen instructions.

Recently with this plan they have even launched a unlimited calling voice pack, if you want to know more about that then you can read that by following this link to read about Airtel Unlimited Calling Pack.

Bottom Line.

So the picture is clear that all the telecom companies are trying to battle Reliace Jio. But who is going to recharge their number for Data of 75 MB? I don’t think this data is going to last for an period of one month. What do you think? Share you opinion with me by commenting below. In the other hand if you get an free Reliance Jio SIM card you will get unlimited data and calling. 🙂