Airtel 4G Hotspot Review: Reality and Issues

Airtel big name in Indian Telecom industry, we all know about Bharti Airtel because they are operating in India from a long period of time in India, years and years of time. Airtel was founded on July 7, 1995 and their Headquarters is situated in our National Capital. They invest too much in Television ads and so on and tell us they are the best Telecom operator in India by telling few of their product taglines like “The Widest 4G Network” and The Smartphone Network. But ever have you wondered do they offer the best in class features? If not then I will introduce you to the reality of Airtel 4G Hotspot and the issues you will face if you buy their service.

Airtel 4G Hotspot Review: Reality and Issues

So let me first tell you which device I am using and what plans I have opted in with Bharti Airtel before we proceed to the further part of this review.

Device Name: ZTE MF90.

Network Type: Airtel 4G or LTE.

Data Plan: Rs.999 – 10 GB 4G LTE

Location: Belgaum, Karnataka, India.

Now let us get started with the Airtel 4G Hotspot Review.

When we think of using any internet connection the first thing we have to checkout is the Network Coverage Area, how strong the network is? So we shall start with the Airtel 4G Network Review and then the second and important thing on which we have to focus is Speed of our internet connection we shall move to Speed part afterwards.

Airtel 4G Network Review.

There is no doubt Airtel has established themselves very well in Indian Telecom Industry and their network coverage is good. I have noticed that my Airtel 4G Hotspot working on 4G LTE even in some of the villages while I was travelling.

Even in the ghat sections which come in between Hubli, Karnataka and Sirsi, Karnataka even in that area we get 4G LTE network. So we can say their network is good and yea one of the widest 4G network in India.  🙂

But wait I was talking about the Advertisements or TV commercials which are being aired on TV right? Let me introduce you to the reality of the TV Commercials.

In one of the Advertisement they have said that their 4G Network is available in Sandhan Valley, Maharashtra which is near Ighatpuri. But the reality is there is not even 2G network available in this area!  😆

You maybe thinking how do I know? Airtel Open Network I am very sure you have heard about this thing. So let us check the Network Connectivity in Sandhan Valley using it. Watch the video embedded below.


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