About Me

Hey there hi, I am glad that you are trying to know about me and my blog!

Let me tell you about me and my blog, this blog Akashnavi.in is a multi-niche blog in which I blog about tech, Blogging, Web hosting here.

About Me: I am Akash Navi, I am a science student by profession and I am from Karnataka, India. I am interested in technology, SEO, Web hosting etc.

About My Blog:

And if you are interested in my blog then let me tell you few more things about it, I registered this domain name on 15 September 2014 I registered this domain with bigrock.in and hosted it on byethost free hosting and got this domain name alive on 16 September 2014. You may be thinking why I hosted my blog on the byethost free hosting right? If so then let me tell you why I hosted this blog on the free host as it was a new one, I thought of moving it to a good host when it gets popular and starts attracting some traffic.

And as now you can see it has been grown and now also I am earning with it, I have monetized this with Google Adsense program and affiliate marketing too.

About My Blogging Career:

This is not my first blog, I started my blogging journey before 2 years i.e. in the year 2013, I started a blog on BlogSpot platform when I had started my 1st blog I knew nothing about blogging not even about how to publishing an article also. But as I spent time in front of my blog I started getting traffic to it not more I use to get only 30 to 40 page views per day. And as I blogged further I got to know that there is a way to earn money with a blog. And that is where my blogging carrier changed its gear.

When I got to know that we can also earn money by blogging I searched about it on Google and found about Google Adsense program in which we can earn money by showing ads on our blog. As soon as I got to know about that I applied for a Google Adsense account and got rejected by them and I applied again and they rejected me again. I was wondering why they are doing this with me.

And when I again used Google to know why they are rejecting my request I got to know that I am not the only person who is getting rejected by them.

After their rejection, I was busy in searching on Google that is there any trick to get approved for Google Adsense? Then I landed on a blog and that was blog of Himanshu Negi, after I landed on this blog my blogging career took a boost I will tell you how read on…

How visiting Himanshu Negi’s Blog Changed my Blogging Career.

I landed on one of his articles and that was “I am now Google Adsense Approved Blogger”, in which he has explained about what all we must do before applying for Adsense program and after reading that article I commented on it asking him

“I am getting decent traffic to my blog why is Google Adsense program rejecting me?”.

And as he saw my comment he replied to that comment and I got automatic E-mail from his blog as I had subscribed to follow up comments.

As soon as I got that E-mail I sent him with and mail again and we both knew nothing about each other but as we emailed each other we were online friends now.

And he took me in his blogging team and now also I was an author at his awesome blog, after few days he offered me a domain for free and that was StrongSEO.in which is not online today because of some issues. When he offered me that domain I got to know that there is something in the blogosphere termed as SEO. And slowly he taught me about SEO, the way of writing articles and many more things.

The reason behind I am still blogging in this high competition blogosphere is because of him and the domain he provided me. I invested a lot of my time working on StrongSEO.in but it didn’t work well on that but still, I was getting decent traffic to it. And surprisingly I got approved for Google Adsense as well with that low traffic blog.

StrongSEO.in was totally configured by Himanshu Negi itself he took 2 days to do that for me as he is a busy blogger and as I was new to WordPress I use to do some experiments on that blog and they use to take my blog down completely I still remember I made StrongSEO.in down, 3 times with my silly experiments and Himanshu Negi had cleared that for me every time I did something wrong with it.

After few months I was handed over StrongSEO.in it was down because of some issue and I left blogging. At that time Himanshu Negi invited me to work with him on his blog, at that movement I was damn happy! I started writing articles for him and he use to teach me many things to me about blogging.

Hope I have not bored you if I bored you then sorry for that.

If you want you can send me a friend request on Facebook and follow me on Google+ and you can see Privacy Policy and Disclaimer here. If you want to contact me then you can get my contact details here.

Now I have spent enough time blogging and I am now earning in lacs  🙂 I have few of my blogs based on different subjects.

Lastly, I would like to say that blogging is very powerful and once you enter into blogging. The way you think about the internet totally changes.

Thank you for reading about me and my blog.